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Make sure you are getting the most out of your investment in a Vasa Trainer Pro! Here we’ve collected some excellent resources for you. These are available to help athletes, coaches, and parents of young swimmers. Below are some suggestions and links to the top resources.

Vasa Trainer Pro
Overcome Monospeed With Your Vasa Trainer Pro

  1. Be sure you understand how to overcome a “monospeed” pull when swimming. This VasaBlog article teaches a fundamental principle that is very important for all swimmers to learn: Overcoming Freestyle Monospeed; Why How And When To Accelerate Hand Speed

Body Position & Propulsion Swim Training

Body position and propulsion2. Body position and propulsion are key elements to improve upon. This blog article will help you learn how to use the Vasa Trainer to improve both: Visualizing And Practicing Your Best Freestyle Swimming

It’s worthwhile to review your range of motion (ROM) to reveal limiters relative to efficient swimming. Ask your coach or yourself: “Does my ROM and bodyline need improving” to get into the best position? How can I pull that “imaginary ball” backward with power and acceleration?

Use your Vasa Trainer to build up your strength and sustained power to swim efficiently for an entire race. Consistent training with the Vasa Trainer will help you make that progress.

(photo from Instagram, courtesy of @simcoachen)

Virtual Freestyle Swimming Clinic

  1. Check out our highly useful 5-part “virtual Freestyle swim clinic.” It will help you make big improvements and it’s free! The Vasa SwimErg platform was used in these videos and you can apply the same principles when using a Vasa Trainer Pro or swimming in the pool & open water: Sign Up For Our Faster Freestyle Course Today

    Faster Freestyle Clinic

    Vasa Trainer Pro Forearm Cuffs

  1. The Forearm Cuffs, originally developed by a top swim coach, helps swimmers learn how to use their “fingertips-to-elbow” as a paddle blade. It guides them to feel where to apply pressure on the water while maintaining a high-elbow catch: Vasa Trainer Pro Forearm Cuffs

    More Vasa Trainer Pro Resources

  1.  VasaBlog is an excellent resource for information and inspiration. Here is a recent article: Swim Training Benefits For Athletes Of All Levels And Interests
  1. The Training section of our website also has quite a number of useful resources: View Training Section
  1. If you want a coach’s guidance, Vasa is connected with many excellent coaches worldwide who use the Vasa with their athletes. Many offer remote coaching & stroke-analysis services, as described in this article: How Remote Coaching Will Boost Your Swim In The Off-Season

dryland swimmer pointing out technical points

If you would like to connect with a great coach, we would be happy to make an introduction. Happy Training!