Vasa Trainer Acclaimed by Top Swim Coaches in Swimming World Magazine

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We are exceptionally grateful that Vasa Swim Trainer has recently been featured in the April, June and September 2018 issues of Swimming World Magazine. Michael J. Stott is a wonderful writer, athlete, and has frequently contributed excellent articles on swimming and stroke techniques. These articles are part of a multi-part series on swim benches and [...] Read More »

Juvo Board & Vasa Trainer Paddler Workout

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While the weather outside is frightful, this workout is quite delightful…and doesn’t take much time! Follow along as PaddleFit instructor and Fitness Professional Jodelle Fitzwater takes you through a quick indoor paddler workout designed to get you “back in shape” for when the water beckons! Video: Indoor Paddler Workout The combination of a revolutionary new surface called […]

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