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Vasa Trainer Pro

(54 customer reviews)

From: Original price was: $1,049.00.Current price is: $892.00.

The Vasa Trainer Pro is best for increasing swim-specific strength, improving swim-stroke technique, versatile total body conditioning, injury prevention, and physical therapy. It’s ideal for:

  • Building Swim-Specific Strength
  • Improving Swimming Technique
  • Developing General Strength, Conditioning & Core Stability
  • Increasing Leg Strength & Powerful Starts & Turns
  • Preventing or Rehabilitation of Injuries



The XL bench is best for athletes 6 feet (183 cm) or taller or those weighing over 200 lbs (90 kg) who require more stability from a longer, wider surface.  (NOTE: it replaces the smaller, standard bench)

Leg Power Platform (current model)

The perfect accessory to your Vasa Trainer Pro to create a complete lower body strength training station enabling you to perform leg squats, explosive plyometrics, jump training, core exercises and PT rehab.

IMPORTANT: The Leg Power Platform is NOT compatible with Vasa Ergometers.

Deluxe Power Cord Kit

The Deluxe Power Cord Kit is an effective way to quickly add more resistance for any exercise or workout.   Each Power Cord is made "team tough" with a nylon sleeve over the latex tubing to maximize safety and durability.

Vasa Training Mat

Protect your floor with our attractive commercial grade training mat.  It's padded, keeps your Vasa in place, and helps keep your workout area clean.

Product Features

Take a closer look.

With over 200 functional and swim-specific exercises, this swim bench is unrivaled in versatility, durability and value. The Vasa Trainer Pro will be your “secret weapon” outside the water.

Trainer Pro product image
Front & Rear Stanchions
Telescoping Tube
Pulley Cable System (PCS)
Webbing Straps
Handles & Paddles
Pull-Up Strap Bar
Seat Carriage
Padded Bench
Stretch Cords

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View Specifications

Vasa Trainer Specifications

Space Requirements:

Assembled Measurements: 91″ × 24″ × 29–41″ (231cm x 61cm x 74-104cm) LxWxH

For use: 120” × 48” (305cm x 122cm) LxWxH

For storage: 91″ × 24″ × 13″ (231cm x 61cm x 33cm) LxWxH

Frame: Commercial strength steel tubing coated with primer & epoxy powder coating for corrosion-resistance. (NOT ideal for extremely harsh, chlorine-rich pool deck areas).

Monorail: Anodized Aluminum Extrusion

Padded Bench: Pro Anatomic Tapered; 11.5″ – 13.5″ (W) × 35.5″ (L) (Users over 6’ may require the XL Bench upgrade.)

Assembled Weight: 53 lbs. (24 kg)

Shipping Weight: 64 lbs (29 kg)

Shipping: Trainer is shipped in 2 boxes. Additional accessories may require additional boxes.

Trainer Pro Shipping Box Dimensions and Weights:
Main Box: 36″ x 16″ x 9″ and 45 pounds (Metric: 91cm x 41cm x 23 cm & 20kg)
Monorail: 84″ x 3″ x 3″ and 15 pounds (Metric: 213cm x 8cm x 8cm & 7kg)
Optional XL Bench: 46″ x 15″ x 3″ 19 pounds (Metric: 116cm x 38cm x 8cm & 9kg)

Shipping costs for Vasa products and accessories are based upon weight & location. Our shopping cart will calculate shipping costs for you or you can contact us for assistance.

Attention International customers: Duty & taxes are additional and will be your responsibility at the time of delivery.

Contact Us if you have any questions or need more information.

Vasa Trainer Includes:

  • Adjustable Length Webbing Straps
  • Pulley Cable System (PCS) with Freestyle Extension Loop
  • Power Paddles
  • Exercise Handles
  • Stretch Cord
  • Assembly Hardware and Tools
  • Illustrated Instruction Manual

Vasa Trainer Resistance Settings and Options:

There are 15 incline settings of the Monorail angle. Your body weight provides the main resistance at any angle;

  • Use Pulley Cable System (PCS) for most exercises
  • To double the resistance at any incline setting, use the adjustable-length Webbing Straps
  • Use Stretch Cord to add 5-10 lbs of resistance at any incline setting
  • Power Cords (add-on accessory) provide for a wider range of resistance options at any incline setting

PLEASE NOTE:  We are continually making improvements to Vasa products and actual items may vary slightly from the images shown on our website.

Return Policy

Vasa has a 90-Day Improvement Guarantee. IF YOU DON’T BEGIN TO SEE A PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT within 90 DAYS of using a Vasa product as directed, we’ll refund the purchase price (less a 15% restocking fee)—no questions asked. (NOTE: Customer will be responsible for paying all shipping charges plus a “restocking fee” equivalent to 15% of the original merchandise price.)

The Vasa Trainer Pro

The World’s Most Widely-Used Swim Training Machine

For over 35 years, the Vasa Trainer Pro has been the choice of champion swimmers, swim coaches, triathletes, surfers, and fitness professionals.

In addition to being unprecedented for improving swim-stroke technique, it offers over 200 swim-specific and total body functional exercises for strength training, injury prevention, and physical therapy rehabilitation. It’s versatility and durability make it a great value.  Through the years, it’s become the “gold standard” amongst serious swim coaches and swimmers worldwide.

Targeted exercises strengthen exactly the muscles you need to make performance gains. Increased strength means greater power & stamina when you need it. Improve your technique—fix common limiters and stroke flaws to transfer better technique in the water. 

The Vasa Trainer is simply the best strength training machine for swimmers, triathletes, surfers, paddlers, physical therapists and other top athletes. Smarter training with the Vasa Trainer delivers these key benefits:

  • Develop true swim-specific strength
  • Correct stroke flaws and transfer proper technique to the water
  • Gain functional strength to get the results you need
  • It’s versatility & wide range of resistance options is ideal for preventing or rehabilitating from injury

The Vasa Trainer Pro will be your “secret weapon” outside the water!

Vasa Trainer Pro

Performance Guarantee

Try it risk-free for 3 months. If you don’t realize performance improvements within 90-days of using the Vasa Trainer Pro as directed, we’ll refund the purchase price—no questions asked (NOTE: Customers will be responsible for paying all shipping charges plus a “restocking fee” equivalent to 15% of the original merchandise price.)


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How easy is the Trainer to assemble?

The Vasa Trainer requires very little assembly, as most of the difficult parts are already put together when it arrives to you. Clearly illustrated instructions and all necessary tools are included with every machine. Allow about an hour to complete the assembly.

If you need help, please call Vasa’s customer service and technical support at 1.802.872-7101  M-F, 9am-5pm EST.

How much floorspace does the Trainer Pro require?

We recommend a usage space of 10’ long by 4’ wide, as this will allow you to achieve the full range of motion in every direction to use the machine successfully.

The Trainer Pro itself is 7’ 7” long x 24” wide. Consider using a Vasa Training Mat under your Vasa Trainer Pro.

How do I store the Trainer on the days it’s not in use?

The Vasa Trainer Pro front stanchion folds up easily so you can roll it around on the caster wheel. You can also hang it on a wall bracket for storage.

What is included with the Vasa Trainer Pro?

Every Vasa Trainer Pro model comes complete with everything you’ll need to do most of the exercises available. This includes the rugged steel stanchions, aluminum monorail, Pull-up strap bar, seat carriage with rollers, padded bench, Pulley Cable System, adjustable-length Webbing Straps, Stretch Cord, a pair of Exercise Handles, a pair of Swim Power Paddle, and a comprehensive Training Manual.

We also offer several add-on accessories that increase your exercise options, enhancing the versatility of the Trainer Pro. These include the Leg Power Platform, Forearm / Ankle Cuffs, Power Cords, Training Mat, and Protective Cover.

How much maintenance is required?

Under normal use in dry indoor environments, minimal maintenance is required. We recommend occasionally cleaning the top surface of the monorail and the seat rollers to keep your Vasa Trainer in perfect working order. When used heavily by teams or clubs, or if used in corrosive environments* such as humid chlorine-rich pool decks or outside in ocean air, we recommend regular cleaning. Periodic replacement of high-wear moving parts, such as seat rollers and stretch cords, will be necessary depending on useage. These parts are not expensive or difficult to replace.

Note: the painted steel parts may eventually corrode in such harsh environments and could need replacement or reconditioning. If you do use or store the Vasa Trainer in such harsh environments, we recommend keeping it on a Training Mat.

Which Vasa model is best for me?

Either the Vasa SwimErg or the Vasa Trainer Pro will help you become a stronger, better, and more powerful swimmer (or surf paddler). You will accomplish more high-quality training in less time.

To see a side-by-side comparison of each model by training benefit, review our Model Comparison Chart.

Is the Vasa Trainer safe for people of all ages and abilities?

The Vasa Trainer Pro is completely safe for use by people of all ages and abilities. It’s simple to use and is very sturdy and stable. Changing the resistance on the Vasa Trainer is done primarily by raising the incline of the monorail. For every exercise, you’ll be lifting a percentage of your body weight against gravity using natural movements. So it is easy to determine a safe operating resistance.

Since children typically use their body weight when safely playing on a jungle gym or other playground equipment, then they’ll safely enjoy the Vasa Trainer, too. Research shows that resistance training for children, under adult supervision, is both safe and beneficial. Plus, the entire family will benefit from the variety of sport-specific and total gym fitness exercises it provides for all ages and abilities.

Other than swim training, what exercises can I do on the Vasa Trainer Pro?

Over 200 total-body functional exercises for the arms, back, chest, core, shoulders and legs are possible with the Vasa Trainer Pro.  These include ab crunches, bicep curls, tricep extensions, dips, pull-ups, lat pull-downs, chest presses, lunges, squats, leg curls, leg extensions and leg plyometrics. Visit the Training Resources pages for a full listing of exercises specific to your sport, goals, and more. Each exercise can be performed at a resistance setting that is appropriate for your specific need, be that strength, power, speed, endurance, rehabilitation or flexibility.

Can I train for all four swimming strokes on the Vasa Trainer?

The Vasa Trainer is best suited for training Freestyle, Butterfly and Breast Stroke. If attempting to do Backstroke in a supine position on the padded bench, then we recommend doing only the catch to finish segment of this stroke. Freestyle, Butterfly and Breast Stroke can be done in several ways. First, you can gain swim-specific strength in each stroke by pulling your body along the inclined monorail and then returning to the start position. Second, you can do isometric exercises by holding a steady position, one segment of the stroke, such as mid-stroke for Butterfly or Freestyle. Third, you can do continuous Freestyle, Butterfly, Breast Stroke or Freestyle Recovery Stroke using the Pulley Cable Attachment. 

Additionally, you can add on the Leg Power Platform and Power cord kit to increase general leg strength with squats, lunges, and calf raises. Competitive swimmers can develop explosive leg power to practice starts and turns with leg push-off plyometrics.

Is the hip roll or body rotation possible on the Trainer Pro?

The padded benches on Vasa Trainer (and Vasa SwimErg) are designed to allow the swimmer to activate and strengthen the core muscles used in hip rotation while performing Freestyle exercises. This is accomplished by simultaneously driving one hip into the padded bench just at the catch of the opposite side arm, and vice versa. If the swimmer uses proper stroke technique, then hip rotation on the bench will activate the torso core and lower back muscles for a better conditioning effect.

In general, accomplishing the hip roll and body rotation on any swim bench will not simulate swimming in water perfectly. The primary reason is because the axis of rotation while swimming in water is a straight line, head to toe, through the center of your body. On a swim bench, the axis of rotation is about four inches below the stomach, which requires the swimmer to roll over, rather than with, the axis of rotation. In water, the body is buoyant, which allows the swimmer to catch the water at full arm extension and initiate the arm pull with a hip rotation by driving the opposite hip toward the bottom of the pool while pulling with the opposite arm. The hip rotation engages the core abdominal muscles and transfers that energy into the pulling arm. Swimmers can condition the core muscles used in hip rotation while training on a Vasa Trainer swim bench. The difference between swimming Freestyle on the bench with and without hip rotation is quite noticeable. Swimmers can find slight destabilization and greater activation of core muscles by swimming Freestyle while laying on a rolled up yoga mat, beach towel, or a foam pad placed on top of the Vasa padded bench.

Can I use the Vasa Trainer to substitute my pool workouts?

Yes! And many athletes do for a variety of good reasons.  The Vasa Trainer is best for doing swim-specific and total body gym quality strength sessions effectively, on your own schedule, in the comfort of your own home or at your club.  Many swimmers and coaches use the Freestyle exercise or Butterfly pulling to replicate timed sets or long aerobic workouts.  Coaches rely on Vasa to keep injured athletes active and part of practice, especially when they cannot go in the water. Coaches also create dry-land strength training circuit workouts by using multiple Vasa Trainers set up for various complimentary exercises.


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Instructional image that shows a swimmer using the trainer with these tips: Keep a vertical "paddle blade" - fingertips to elbow, In Freestyle, drive the opposite hip into the bench, Entry - keep arms shoulder-width apart.


Trainer Pro

Alex Meyer

Olympic Open Water Swimmer

“I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my power and stamina since incorporating Vasa machines into my training. They’ve become an indispensable training tool for me and I am looking forward to working with them in the future.”

Matt Kredich

Head Swimming Coach, University of Tennessee

“I am a strong proponent of the use of swim trainers, specifically the Vasa Trainer swim bench as a multidimensional tool for helping to develop swimmers. I have been using them to train swimmers for 21 years, and have seen two significant benefits: one in the specific strength of the swimmers’ pull, and the second in the understanding of proper swimming mechanics that comes from doing things the right way on the Vasa.”

Coach Lou Manganiello 

“I have been using Vasa Trainers since the beginning of (their) time! They have proved to be an essential piece of our dry land program and especially useful during “periods” when pool training was unavailable!”

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54 reviews for Vasa Trainer Pro

  1. Anonymous

    Wonderful dry land training. Provides a great workout and is ideal for keeping in shape when you can’t (or don’t want to) make it to the pool.


    John Wilson (verified owner)

    Excellent product with great results.


    Joel Manaligod

    I have had the vasa trainer more than 10 years and still use regularly. I use to keep in shape for surfing



    The Trainer Pro for me is useful in developing the core strength one needs as a swimmer. I concentrate using the Dry Land Training for that core strength and to prevent injury. I would Dry Land Train for weeks before an event or switching to the VASA ERG attachment which I also have in my home gym to train. I only go to a pool to swim just to get the feel of the water. I cannot explain how much the VASA has helped me improve my strength and prevented injury. The 2023 Triathlon season is here and I am getting ready.


    Mike Bennett

    User for nearly 2 decades, Almost do NOT want to give this review as it could help all of my competitors. As an ex-swimmer, this machine takes all of the hassles away about going to the pool. 15 minutes for real work on the Vasa = an hour in the pool…if you are a 50+ yo male triathlete, please do not buy.


    Claudio Mogrovejo (verified owner)

    The best swim ergometer that also serves as a functional training bench!


    Martin Micheelsen

    3 years ago I tore a rotator cuff tendon. After a period with physical therapy I was able to also use the Vasa Pro trainer and I feel that has helped me substantially. At age 61 I took up surfing. My favorite spot is 40 miles away, so at best I get there once a week. Using the Vasa Pro 30 minutes 2 – 3 times a week gives me more strength, endurance and confidence when paddling out.


    Frank Philipps

    I am a USMS swimmer of approximately 40 years and have used my vasa trainer for probably twenty+ years while aging from 60 to 80. As a potter of 45 years plus doing a swimming a work out three times per week of 2500 yards swimming and adding the equivalent of 1000 yard of vasa pulling three times per week I have avoided shoulder problems the entire time. It sure has worked for me. It is outside and uncovered year round and the service is terrific.



    I purchased my unit in the mid 1990s while posted to Cairo, Egypt. It was mailed to me via the military APO mail system. During postings to countries not allowing me to surf regularly (Egypt, Bolivia, Thailand, Wash DC) the Vasa allowed me to train my surfing muscles regularly. I even used it while posted to Peru. While in Egypt irregularly surfing wind swell waves in the Med had me getting out to catch a wave, but I didn’t have the paddling strength to get out through the slop more than once or twice. To the present, now living in CA, I still use it. Over the years I’ve added some strength cords but still use the original long-bar, bungies, paddles (for paddling), bench, roller assembly and hand bar units (for recovery exercising). To summarize, I’ve been using my Vasa for almost 30 years. Same unit, still going. Has to be good.


    Anna (verified owner)

    I bought the vasa trainer to supplement my workouts when I couldn’t make it to the pool or gym. I have seen marked improvement in my swim endurance and I love that there are workouts included with the trainer. My husband is not a swimmer, but has started using the vasa for strength training. Highly recommend this product


    Fred (verified owner)

    I use the “Trainer Pro” most everyday that I do not SURF. It is really something impressive how much of a difference in paddling strength using the Trainer Pro has made. I was really surprised. While investing close to a $1K may seem like a lot of money [though it is less than the cost of two new short boards], what these Trainer Pro workouts have done to improve the quality of sessions is priceless if you live to surf. I highly recommend it, especially if you are not able to surf everyday.


    frank philipps

    I am 40 year a swimmer with USMS. I can’t exactly remember when I first used a Vasa trainer, but it was probably 30 years back. I love the tool and purchased one for myself. I keep mine outside and use it in conjunction with my hot tub. It is dependable and replacement parts are available with dependable personable employees of VASA. I am 79 now and swim about 2500 yards three times a week followed with 20 minutes of vertical kicking. I add 6 secessions of 60 butterfly pull ups on my Trainer 3 times a week. This routine keeps in very good condition for swimming and anything else. The tool is well made, the service is great and I highly recommend it for those wanting to stay in good condition for swimming or anything else.


    Patrick (verified owner)

    I am new to Vasa and have been using my Vasa Trainer for about 2 months. I am a student, and I love the convenience of Vasa. Using the Vasa Trainer approximately 4 days a week, I already notice a better body posture with stronger shoulders and core. I look forward to working out on my Vasa Trainer, as it feels like no other machine I have ever used. I can’t wait to see my time drops next season!


    Coach Lou Manganiello

    I have been using VASA Trainers since the beginning of (their) time! They have proved to be an essential piece of our dry land program and especially useful during “periods” when pool training was unavailable!


    Adrienne Kramer

    I bought the VASA Swim Pro in 2007 after becoming a single parent. I needed a substitute for the pool that didnt cost too much or take up too much space. It was the perfect solution. Fast forward to 2020 and it once again became the perfect solution to keep me in swimming shape without pool access.


    Luis G (verified owner)

    Best dryland training equipment available for swimmers.
    Noticeable increase in strength and endurance.


    Lawyer Landau

    The Vasa is truly a vital piece of training equipment for any serious triathlete. It enables you to work on strength, endurance, flexibility, and form all on one piece of equipment. Coaches agree that “specificity in training” is critical. The Vasa enables your body to move past your hands, unlike swim cords, and you have control as to the resistance, angulation & recovery. I purchased several of the attachments, including the platform that enables me to do explosive jumping, in order to assist my starts, and I like being able to do one legged exercises without the impact that would occur on dry land. As a competitive sprint Triathlon racer, I appreciate the fact that the Vasa balances out all the lower body exercise of my lifecycle, elliptical, and recumbent bike.

    The biofeedback helps me to lay down good “muscle memory” & eliminate bad habits. I especially like being able to see my hand entry, and focusing on not Dropping my elbow. Also, I can focus on different aspects of my swim stroke, without worrying about breathing, walls or other swimmers kicking me in the noggin! The Vasa trainer lets you break down your stroke piece by piece.

    Not only has the Vasa swim trainer been an outstanding workout tool for me, but I have lent it to clients after they’ve undergone knee or other surgery, so that they can keep their fitness will not risking infection in the water. As I am currently recovering from a bike crash, I envision doing a lot of lower body and one-armed training this winter on my Vasa. I do not know how old my unit is, but I’ve had it at least a decade and it has never needed any maintenance whatsoever. In short, the Vasa swim trainer is one of the very best exercise equipment purchases I’ve ever made.



    The VASA has been a perfect for strength training, especially during this pandemic when my access to pools has been very limited. The instructions book comes with unique exercises, and the cord cord kit and adjustable angle help personalize the workout for your needs. Definitely worth the investment.


    Joellen Gross (verified owner)

    With Covid limiting pool time, we couldn’t be more pleased with this trainer. Perfect addition to our home gym!


    Lindsay Long

    I was training for my first Ironman when Covid-19 hit. I got the vasa trainer and used it 3 times a week. 3 months later when I was able to get back in the pool I was amazed that my times had dropped at all distances including the 1.2 mile half Ironman swim. I will continue to use the vasa trainer as a regular part of my swim training.


    Rob Boyce (verified owner)

    Being a busy dad of 2 school-age kids, as well as working and struggling to fit in all the training for Ironman racing (including swimming which involved the most amount of time to get there and back), I needed another option for swimming. After research, ordered the VASA Trainer Pro and using the incredible training materials available (videos, articles, etc) I learned all about the benefits of high-elbow pull and so much more. I was able to put it into practice and it’s increased my performance/speed and efficiency and translates directly to the pool! Now I can do a complete triathlon in the garage 🙂



    Started using Vasa in 1996 as a freshman at LaSalle U. It was the best thing my coach introduced in my training. Without a doubt, it played a vital role in my success. After I graduated I bought a Trainer Pro for the home and still use it. It is the secret sauce to any competitive swimmer workout schedule in my opinion!


    Robyn (verified owner)

    Great! Useful for so much more than just swim training. Great upper body strength tool as well! Many ways to get creative with it!


    Timothy Kalke

    Vasa is my number one training tool when I am out of the water. Six months a year I am away from the ocean for work. When I train on the Vasa everyday, I come back in the best paddling shape of my life. I’m able to paddle out in extreme conditions and thrive.


    John Eife

    Decades of quality. Always dependable.



    Years ago I realized that because my overseas postings as a Foreign Service Officer kept me from surfing regularly, the few times I was able to surf my paddling power was zilch. I bought my swim trainer while posted to Egypt in the mid 90’s (it was mailable via the APO mail system). I’ve used it regularly for postings in Egypt, Bolivia, Thailand and Virginia in order to keep in both paddling and (more important?) paddle recovery shape in between my surfing trips. Interruption? Between Bolivia and Thailand I was posted to Peru and surfed all of the time. My VASA got a rest. Even now that I live in SoCal, I use my VASA. Note: I prefer and still use the original paddles. Over the years I’ve added power cords, ankle fittings, and the paddle/swim recovery attachments. (Weird FYI, only last year did I change the rubber finger holders…while split and falling apart, they still worked. Karen at VASA sent me some new ones…thanks, Karen!) Still have the original cart w/nylon wheels. Kind of expensive to buy? Yeah. Originally. But used regularly for well almost 25 years…pennies per use. My VASA is the best “exercise money” I’ve ever spent.


    Junior Bernard

    Excellent equipment, have no regrets investing in this VASA my Son has cut all his times, even broke National Records thanks Vasa


    Ken Mierke

    As a professional triathlon coach, I use the Vasa Trainer with each of my clients (beginners to World Champions) for Strength Transfer Training and to work on technique of the catch. The Vasa is a key bridge for teaching muscles strengthened in the weight room to use that weight-room strength in the water. It also provides strength mainuenenace during the long periods when the athletes aren’t doing strength training in the weight room. Finally, and probably most importantly, it is the best tool I’ve found to work on improving the technique that produces a high-elbow catch. On the Vasa, the athlete can concentrate on this one critical aspect of technique without being distracted by rotation, breathing, timing the kick, arm recovery, and so many other aspects of the stroke. It also makes supervising far easier on the coach – it is much easier to view the “underwater” part of the stroke when there is no water. The Vasa is the only tool I know of that allows us to accomplish what we use it for. It is a key part of improving swim strength and efficiency. I wouldn’t be as good a coach without it.


    Scott Bolcoa (verified owner)

    The VASA Trainer has helped my swimming in so many ways. It not only improved my strokes and but it also really helps me with my efficiency. It can be very beneficial for multiple sports. For me it has really been a great tool both in and out of the water. Thank you VASA.


    Jean Philippe (verified owner)

    J’adore mon vasa trainer pro je suis plus fort ! j’ai une meilleur coordination de mes mouvement avec un gain de puissance. Je suis beaucoup plus confiant et donc, calme. Ça me procure beaucoup plus de plaisir et de satisfaction l’or de mes entrainement. j’ai très hâte à ma prochaine complétion à Montréal !

    English translation:
    I love my vasa trainer pro I’m stronger! I have a better coordination of my movements with a gain of power. I am much more confident and therefore, calm. It gives me much more pleasure and satisfaction the goal of my training. I look forward to my next competition in Montreal!


    Peter (verified owner)

    I was a polio victim and test subject in germ warfare testing as a baby and toddler. To beat the after effects of those tests I have had to train all my life, both in the pool and in the gym. I have had few breaks in my training, so what I write is based on many decades of experience (I started swimming in 1954). I was a competitive swimmer ((“school standard”), a professional lifeguard on Sydney’s Bondi Beach, and (briefly) a top ranked Masters swimmer in Australia for the 200m F/S.

    I Own both a Vasa Erg (since 2013) and a Trainer (since the past 2016/17 summer (Southern Hemisphere).

    As a swimmer, I love the Erg. I feel like I am really “swimming” on it — to the point that when I do get into the pool (not very often these days), my mind goes “How would I ‘swim this’ on the Erg?” The simulation of the upper body movements is good enough for my mind to “reverse” things that way.

    As all four of “polio victim”, “gym junkie”, wanna-be power-lifter and swimmer, I love the Trainer. I have been in the gym since 1966, and on the weights since 1965 — and I rate the VASA Trainer as one of the most versatile, maybe THE most versatile pieces of equipment I have used.

    I use weights, Swim Cords, my TRX and the Erg and Trainer. I like them all — and each is unique. The simulation provided by the Erg and by the Trainer is different from the Swim Cords and TRX. In other words, it is worth it to me to have the VASA gear as well as the weights, cords, TRX etc.

    After years in the gym, you learn or can tell when something is working for you, even before you can prove it with results. My reaction to the Trainer went “that way”. I could tell it was “working” for me within two weeks of getting it. Maybe the benefits are more specific to me because I suffered so much nerve damage as a toddler — but I found that I was able to fine tune the work I was doing on the Trainer very easily, and do it better than any Lat Machine, Chinning Machine or Pulleys/Cable Crossover Machine I have used.

    The staff and customer service are great. And the quality is superb — remember the good old days when “Made in The USA” meant something was well made — well it still happens at VASA.

    Great products, great company, great people, great service!


    Jack Cohen

    Able to pull up, stretch and relieve pain, stress, tension. Vasa is fun & challenging. I look forward to using every morning – healthiest way to start my day!


    Daniel Dreiss

    We bought my daughter a vasa trainer in 2011, it was her 16th birthday present. We drove up to Vermont and actually met Rob and bought her a trainer. Fast forward to this year when she graduated from Adelphi University. Every summer she would go back to training with her club team at 6 am, before going to work as a lifeguard. She would then come home and train on the Vasa. She leaves Adelphi as the school record holder in the 200 free, 500 free, 1000 free and the 1650. As well as being on 2 record-setting relays. In the time she was at Adelphi she had 3 coaches. The only consistency was her Vasa and I feel that it gave her the strength and endurance to get her thru a long season of 2 a day workouts with no injuries. I don’t swim but I use it also, it allows me to do resistance exercise, even though I have bad knees and shoulders. This is a great machine and well worth the money. Thanks again.


    Mark Gole

    The Vasa Trainer Pro is awesome for teaching the foundation for a strong catch and builds the necessary strength to perform it in the water. I highly recommend it!



    It is a really good tool. With the VASA Trainer, I have increased my power and stamina. I have owned my VASA for only 6 months, but my results in the swimming pool are much better already.


    Bert Rivera

    Great, great rehab device. Had used it since 2005.


    Zuoping li

    Good products of Vasa trainer pro for swimming training



    After having one in high school. I finally bought my own at age 32. I am a prone paddler, surfer and swimmer. If I don’t use it I feel weaker in the water. It is the best type of cross training equipment out there for swimmer and Paddlers. I felt like I plateaued in my training. After I got my own Vasa it took my swimming and paddling power to the next level! I’d rather use my Vasa trainer than a weight set.


    Donald MacDonald

    I am a rural family doctor on the isolated eastern shore of nova scotia.i have had Vasa trainers since 2008.The Vasa trainers(particularily the pro) have enabled me to become an active triathlete.There is no pool for sixty miles!I have come third in the provincial open sprint,travelled with the Canadian triathlon team many times as an age group member to international triathlon world championships,all enabled by Vasa trainers.
    I learned to swim at the pool and applied it on the trainer.
    I train with five pound ankle weights to train my core to lift my legs to reduce drag while swimming.
    It is particularily good at interval training.I use it almost everyday,and have loved the challenge to swim well!!
    I highly recommend the Vasa trainers to all!!!


    Rich Punzenberger

    A few years ago I sustained a shoulder injury during a 70.3 race on the bike leg. After that I did not have the same range of motion or strength in it. Fast forward 2 years later and I still did not get it back to where it was. I ended up purchasing a Vasa Trainer to help strengthen my shoulder, work on technique and substitute pool time. The investment paid off since that season I had some of the fastest swim splits I’ve ever had. The Vasa Trainer helped me increase strength in my shoulder in a swimming specific way and to truly develop a high elbow catch that I struggled with trying to learn in a pool. I’d recommend this product to any swimmer for dryland land training and even to replace time in the pool.


    Chic McKnelly

    We purchased two VASA trainers 5 years ago and have used them with the younger swimmers to build their core and shoulders without the use of weights. It has been very successful and the kids actually look forward to using them during a circuit practice. I have had to perform routine TLC maintenance on them due to the pool environment and use by the swimmers. Stretch cords rot and connectors get broken with use but the parts and helpful advice are readily available. The only reason I don’t give it a 5 star is because of the effects on the metal parts from the pool environment.


    Dr. Glenn Gero, ND, D.Sc., M.E.S., C.L.C.

    My Vasa Trainer which I’ve purchased nearly 20 years ago is still my favorite piece of exercise equipment, even though my personal gym includes over 100 other exercise devices.

    I’ve been an exercise enthusiast for over 50 years and am familiar with virtually every
    type of exercise equipment. I can, thus, definitively declare that the Vasa Trainer is the most versatile, functional and effective exercise machine that I’ve ever used. Moving from exercise to exercise is simple as there’s no need to reset the machine. The resistance may be changed in three simple ways: increasing the angle, adding weight plates or connecting the included bungees, each providing a unique form of resistance.
    I can get an outstanding workout in 10 to 15 minutes.

    Additionally, as a naturopathic physician and medical exercise specialist, the Vasa Trainer has been a core therapeutic tool for rehabilitating patients with back and shoulder


    Kohei Asano (verified owner)

    Simply good. No one be weaker i felt. I think best things to do is combination with Vasa. My favorites are Vasa 30-sec, Chin up 10, 3 times also 30 push and pull stroke 30, 3 times. Generation change especially swimming but stroke angle will never change. We won’t repeat same things however only learn Body position outside like in the water. So we should connect it to more creative dryland.


    John Flynn

    My son Jack, has been out of the water for the last 10 months due to a serious ankle injury that resulted in surgery. This week he had his other foot operated on. In the meantime, he has been using our VASA Trainer to keep in shape doing several reps of up to 50 strokes per arm. He has been able to increase his incline level 3 positions. He also uses our VASA Trainer to do crunches with pull downs on his back. It has been very beneficial for him during this long and painful process.


    Michael Real

    I just turned 60 and have been using my Vasa Trainer for over 10 years to keep me paddling shape for surfing when I can’t get to the beach. It has been the perfect solution to being able to keep up with the youngster in the water. I have been very happy with the durability of my VASA and hope it will allow me to keep surfing into my 70’s.


    Ben Caban

    I’ve had a bad sup surfing accident about a year ago. The fin of my board cut me right under the right calf. 34 stitches to close. 5 inside and 29 outside. Basically, it sidelined me for almost 10 months. Absolutely no leg activity for 4 months. Just hearing those words was enough to drive me nuts. I kept active by using your SUP Ergometer. Transferring the activity from SUP to canoe paddling. It did the job but I had to wait until the 4th month to start to walk without fear of tearing muscles on the inside of my calf. After a while, I was able to stand on my paddle board and actually paddle again. Being on the ocean, my leg still felt weak. Slowly I was able to work my leg back into shape. Although I was very hesitant about doing any squats or strenuous lifting.

    Then one day I got an email from Vasa showing the Vasa Trainer (which helps keep me in shape for surf season.) It showed a platform [Leg Power Platform] and a short video of how you could do leg exercises. That was exactly what I needed! The squats and one-legged push-offs helped me get to 80% of my leg strength. Especially since it isolates a specific area. For me, it was being able to directly work the calf muscle. Although I have a little ways left to go, using the Vasa Trainer has definitely helped my rehabilitation. Now with the extra bands, it will definitely get me to where I need to be.


    Jim Dunlap

    I worked overseas for almost all of my “active” years. From 1992 to 1997 I was posted to Egypt. Very, very occasionally we would catch surf along the Med coast, from Libya to Alexandria; often wind swells. I realized I could get out once, catch a wave, and then did NOT have the juice to get out again. In early 1996 I bought a Sport VASA for $495, mailed to me via APO, and started paddle training. I added the swim pulley extensions because I realized that just lifting my own arms (against that era’s wetsuits) was as hard or harder than the basic “catch a wave” paddle motion. My surf sessions were so infrequent, that no way could they keep me in shape. The VASA solved my conditioning problems. After Egypt, I was posted to Bolivia. My go-to surf spot meant a long drive to Arica, Chile (or occasionally surfing on vacation to the USA). Regular VASA use kept my surfing muscles in shape. After Bolivia, I was posted to Peru…and now frequent surfing was no problem Waves up the wazoo, weekly. Nevertheless, now I was used to regularly using my VASA; had added ankle attachments, power cords, etc. After Peru came Bangkok, Thailand and then Alexandria, VA. Again, for both places, surf sessions were very infrequent and the VASA kept me in paddle surfing shape. Oh, FYI, without garage or storage space, for many of these years (starting in Egypt) the VASA had its place in our living or dining rooms. Honest!! Guests didn’t seem to mind. So now it’s Aug 2016 and we live in Oceanside, CA. I surf 2-3 times/week but am also away a lot for consulting work. Yesterday and the day before I surfed, but nevertheless, today I spent 30 minutes on the VASA. This is the SAME unit I bought over 20 years ago; using the same paddles and associated gear. Oh: one of the finger strips finally broke…last week. VASA is sending me some new ones. A few years ago I turned over the main long bar, because I’d worn off the stainless steel surface at the trolley end. My unit has been to Egypt, Bolivia, Peru, Thailand, Virginia and is now in California. At age 70 years young, I credit the VASA for helping me to stay in shape, keep surfing, and all in all, just feeling Good!! My opinion: each of you should have your own unit. Seem expensive? OK, but every time you use it the price cuts in half. My unit is down to costing nothing. I’ve used it hundreds (thousands?) of times since 1996, and it is still in great shape (yes, always indoors…never outside by the pool or beach). Terrible story: yesterday I was out with a friend, legend surfer…nice guy. He couldn’t hold up his head or arch his back; had a lousy session. Using my VASA keeps me focused on arching my back and keeping my head up. Age notwithstanding, I never have back or neck issues. Never. 20+ years. Kept me surfing and in paddling shape. Can anything be better??


    James “Jimmy” Horst

    I once was a personal trainer to a few world champion boxers. I always sparred with each fighter and held my own to prove my theories for physically training to box were the best. Later years in my fifties boxing took a toll on my back and shoulders to the point I had to have back surgery. My one signature movement of going up and down a 17″ step at a quick clip was over. This was the “base” of my boxing workouts that was over. A premier sports physician that did my surgery told me not to ever use that high step again. It was at this time I ran across this marvelously simple vasa trainer. The thing that attracted me to it was that I could closely copy the same movement and stamina builder as that step by quickly springing off the board on this machine. I was so impressed (and thankful) by it being able to replace the step that I decided to purchase a second one to start a personal training business for helping the elderly and others with physical handicaps to be better. I did this for awhile and made a living from it however, I have since those personally trying times turned this business over to my oldest daughter because, now at 63, I’m able to train on a high step again without back issues. I will be able to retire in less than 2.5 years. At that time, I fully intend to go back into the ring to fight. Should I get injured along the way during workouts, I still have peace of mind knowing that this marvelous little machine will carry me through. By the way, to those of you that might be prospective personal trainers, this machine can easily be transported on a modified hand dolly up an down stairs. It is easily set up to train your clients in their homes too. (P.S. thank you Karen B. for all the help and support you gave me.)


    Joe Friel, Co-founder TrainingPeaks & TrainingBible Coaching

    I support the use of Vasa Trainer as part of the dry land swim training for triathletes. The Vasa Trainer has helped every athlete I know who has used it correctly. The skills refined on it are easily transposed to the pool. The main benefit is simply learning to fire the muscles in a correct pattern for the catch and pull stroke phases. It reinforces a good firing pattern far better than swim cords. It is also excellent for developing muscular endurance for swim-specific muscles.


    David Lawson

    I have a Vasa Trainer at home right outside of my bedroom and I have a Vasa Trainer in Barbados at my villa. I’ve had them for almost 20 years. It’s one of the greatest pieces of exercise equipment available today.


    John McMahon

    Just a quick note on the overwhelming benefits of the Vasa Trainer. I have been an avid surfer for 30 years. Now with the demands of family and career, I am not able to spend as much time in the water as I would like. Paddle power becomes a major factor when go-outs become less frequent. With this in mind, I spoke with a close friend of mine, Sam George, and he strongly suggested the Vasa. I now work out on my Vasa close to every day. Recently, Sam and I and a couple other friends got together for a surf weekend. We met at a remote point break and the surf was insane. It was clear, hot and perfect. The surf was six to eight feet and extremely demanding. Day one we surfed for four hours; day two, seven hours; day three, seven hours. We hit it about as hard as you can. We lived it at high tone. There is no way I could have kept that pace without my constant Vasa training. Thanks for helping me live a weekend that we will all talk about for years to come.


    Michael Orstein, Head Coach, Washington and Jefferson College Swimming

    Vasa Trainers have been the heart and soul of the dryland training program at Washington and Jefferson College. The machines have played a significant part in the development of stroke mechanics and upper body strength in our swimmers. Obviously, the Presidents are true believers in the Vasa Trainers, with 10 of them. When you have 1 or 2 of any equipment, who uses it, and how often is it used? We do not have this problem at W&J. We are truly grateful for this machine and its magnificent benefits!


    Stephen Petty

    I purchased a Vasa Trainer for my daughter, Erin, in November. At the start of the season, she was wanted to hit a Junior National time in the 50 freestyle. She was a second away, a huge drop for the 50 free in one season. Thanks to the Vasa Trainer, I am happy to report Erin won her fifth Iowa championship (easily). We both feel the strength and endurance she developed from using the Vasa Trainer was the element that helped her regain her edge on the competition and make her 24.78 time in the 50 free (from 25.85). We wish to thank you and certainly will pass on the word about the amazing benefits that the trainer has.


    Lenny Krayzelburg, 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist, 3-Time World Record Holder

    I really like to use the Vasa Trainer for working on my freestyle tempo with one arm at a time, as well as with both arms. I like to work on high elbows, which is very important to catch the pool… The Vasa Trainer gives you both flexibility and strength in your muscles. It is very close to what you are doing in the pool, it’s almost the same thing… It is very important to have flexibility in your muscles, to have long, lean muscles, especially for long course. Vasa really helps you develop that flexibility.

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