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  • Swim Bench Floor Mat

    Vasa Training Mat

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  • Swim Power Meter Mounting system

    Power Meter Mounting Bracket Options

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  • black molded plastic clips with attaching screw

    Drive Cord Clips (pair)

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  • Power Meter 1000M on Vasa Erg

    Power Meter – Replacements

    Starting at $199.00
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  • Erg Rewind & Drive System

    Starting at $30.00
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  • ANT+ Power Meter

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  • Electronics Upgrade Kit

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  • swim erg resistance door

    Damper Door Assembly with Locking Knob

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  • black rubber tubing used with Vasa swim paddles

    Paddle Replacement Tubing

    Starting at $0.75
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  • bolts nuts washer tools

    Hardware: Ergometer Nuts & Bolts Kit

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  • Vasa swim paddles full length with rubber finger & wrist tubes

    Paddles: Deluxe Paddle (pair)

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  • Vasa swim paddles half length with rubber wrist tubes

    Swim Power Paddle (pair)

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  • Vasa Heavy Duty Exercise Handles (Set of 2)

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  • black plastic mount with metal clamp side view

    Plastic PM Socket Stem Mount

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