PM3 Power Meter with ANT+ and BT Wireless Connectivity


New: Released 10/24/2022

Vasa PM3 Power Meter with newly added ANT+ and BT Wireless Connectivity provides accurate, repeatable data feedback on your swim training performance.  It measures time, distance, pace/100m, stroke rate and power (watts). The Vasa PM3 Power Meter also displays the power balance between right and left arms, which is useful for correcting stroke mechanics and strength discrepancies.

Recording and analyzing workout performance data is easy and useful.  The Vasa PM3 Power Meter transmits data wirelessly to 3rd party ANT+ and BT compatible receiving devices, Mac, iOS and Android applications. This allows customized viewing of data metrics, customized structured workouts, and detailed post workout analysis.

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Product Description

The Vasa PM3 Power Meter with ANT+ and BT Wireless Connectivity transmits accurate, repeatable data every workout. The athlete and coach can view, record, and quantify training progress from every session.

You’ll be able to:

  • Measure the effectiveness of your swim training program
  • Use power-based structured workouts
  • Create repeatable benchmark test sessions
  • Perform set-distance intervals
  • Simulate races & time trials
  • Correct for imbalances in the right & left arm power output
  • Train smarter, boost motivation, and have more fun!


  • Pre-set distance
  • Elapsed time clock
  • Pre-set time intervals
  • Split Times
  • Workout review
  • Odometer

There are two steps to fully utilize the ANT+ and BT connectivity with the Vasa PM3 Wireless Power Meter:

1. Use with 3rd Party iOS and Android Applications (i.e. TrainerDay® or TrainerRoad®) or with 3rd Party ANT+ Receiving Devices (i.e. Garmin® cycling computers and multi-sport watches). This enhances your options for a more interactive training experience including the planning and execution of structured workouts and training plans.

2. Upload your workouts to 3rd Party Applications for logging and analysis (i.e. TrainingPeaks®, Garmin Connect®, Strava® and®) where you can analyze your individual workout performance and progress.

Note: iPhone, iPad and 3rd party devices not included.

The Vasa PM3 Wireless Power Meter is compatible with all Vasa Ergometers equipped with a Power Meter.  NOTE: If you purchased a Vasa Erg without a Power Meter, contact Vasa Customer Service for your upgrade options.

BONUS: When you purchase a Vasa PM3 Power Meter directly from Vasa, you will get a free 90 day subscription to TrainerDay® and access to Vasa specific SwimErg workouts written by some of Vasa’s top coaches for the ultimate indoor dry land swim training experience!

ADDED BONUS: All Vasa PM3 Power Meters will include the new & improved metal mounting bracket system.  This updated design will provide improved visibility of the power meter display, especially when used in low light conditions.

Full Vasa SwimErg’s purchased after 9/12/2022 already have the PM3 Power Meter included.

Frequently Asked Questions: PM3 Power Meter with ANT+ and BT Wireless Connectivity