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Power Meter Mounting Bracket Options



We offer 2 options for replacing or upgrading the Power Meter mounting bracket:

1. New design – Metal bracket improves viewing angle;
2. Original –  Plastic socket stem mounting bracket.

Replace or upgrade your Power Meter mounting system with either of the following 2 options:

NEW PM Mounting Bracket (upgrade & replacement)

The revised Power Meter bracket features these benefits:

  • An improved viewing angle that provides better visibility of the display, especially when used in low light conditions.
  • Easier to change the viewing angle (no tools required).
  • Metal brackets make this mounting system more durable than the original plastic socket stem mount.

Replacement details:

Plan approximately 15 – 20 minutes to make the replacement.  All fasteners, instructions, a drill bit and tools* are included.

*(an electric drill is required, supplied by you)

IMPORTANT: This upgrade requires replacing the plastic ball on the back of the Power Meter case with the new metal “L” shaped bracket.  You will need an electric drill to use with the drill bit supplied by Vasa.

NOTE: The new metal Power Meter bracket system is now standard issue for all Vasa SwimErgs produced after April 2018.  The upgrade is compatible for all Vasa SwimErgs produced since 2004.

Original PM Mounting Stem (replacement)

The original Power Meter Mounting Stem design includes a molded plastic socket stem and metal hose clamp, which holds the Power Meter in place.  This design provides a limited viewing angle compared to the new metal bracket system.

Replacement will take approximately 15 minutes with all of the tools and instructions included.

Compatible with Vasa Ergometers produced 2004 – March 2018.


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