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Erg Rewind & Drive System



Refresh your rewind and drive system components to keep your Vasa Erg running smooth.

Refresh all the cords and clips essential for smooth operation of your Ergometer. The recommended maintenance schedule for the Rewind & Drive Cords is every 2-5 years, depending on usage and storage environment.

Rewind & Drive Cord Replacement Kits

Contains all of the cords & clips to refresh your Erg.

     EARLY MODEL OPTIONS  For Ergs purchased between 2005 – May 2012. 

Rewind & Drive Cord Kit (Early) – $30
Includes:  Rewind Cord, Drive Cords (pair), and Drive Cord Clips (pair).  NOTE: You will need to remove your existing Rewind Cassette Assembly and restring the Rewind Cord onto the cassette prior to installing.

     CURRENT MODEL KIT – For Ergs purchased after June 2012.

Rewind & Drive Cord Kit (Current) – $30
Includes: Rewind Cord (pair), Drive Cords (pair), and Drive Cord Clips (pair).

NOTE: To determine which model you own, you can reference page 3 in the Vasa Model History guide or with the photos above.


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