Vasa SwimErg Training Tips To Gain The Best Results

Swim Training Resources For Vasa Athletes

Vasa has many excellent resources available to help athletes and coaches gain the most from training with the Vasa SwimErg. That’s why we have compiled some of our best resources in one place.  

Vasa SwimErg

1. An Introduction To The Vasa SwimErg

We produced a 3-week introduction training program for those starting out using the SwimErg. Even if you have been training with a SwimErg for some time, it’s worthwhile reviewing, if only to rule out anything missing in your current approach: SwimErg Intro Guide

2. Body Position & Propulsion Swim Training

Body Position and PropulsionBody position and Propulsion are key elements to improve upon and this blog article will help you learn how to use the Vasa SwimErg to improve both: Visualizing And Practicing Your Best Freestyle Swimming

Take time to review any limiters to your range of motion (ROM) that could be hampering an efficient Freestyle. Ask yourself: “what’s needed for improving my shoulder mobility and bodyline?”  What do I need to get into that position and pull that “imaginary ball” backward with power and acceleration?  

It requires the strength to hold a long, taut bodyline and building up your sustained power to do swim efficiently for an entire race.  Consistent training with the Vasa will help you make and measure that progress.

3. Overcoming Freestyle Monospeed

This is a very useful blog article on overcoming a “monospeed” pull, which is a common mistake made especially by adult-onset swimmers and triathletes: Overcoming Freestyle Monospeed; Why How And When To Accelerate Hand Speed

4. FREE Online Faster Freestyle Clinic

Want to improve your freestyle swimming technique, efficiency, power, and endurance?  Take our free 5-part online Freestyle swimming clinic!  In this no-nonsense swim clinic, taught by top coaches, including technique coach Karlyn Pipes (she holds over 200 Masters Swimming World Records) you will learn five essential elements to get you swimming stronger, better, faster.

Sign Up Now For Our Faster Freestyle Course

5. The Vasa SwimErg Trainer Strap System

If you need greater swim-specific pulling strength and want to add some versatility to your SwimErg, consider the Trainer Strap System.

It lets you use your SwimErg like a Vasa Trainer, whereby you pull your body up the inclined monorail using the adjustable length webbing straps.  You’ll be able to use those straps to do a lot of strength and “pre-hab” Vasa Trainer exercises shown in the pdf’s on this page: View Trainer Strap Exercises

6. More Vasa SwimErg Resources For Training, Remote Coaching, & Practical Know-How

Remote coaching swimmers• The Training section of our website also has quite a number of useful resources: View Training Section

• We are connected with many excellent coaches who know how to use the Vasa SwimErg with athletes they are coaching.  Some do this remotely, as described in this article: How Remote Coaching Will Boost Your Swim In The Off-Season

If you want any help from a qualified coach, we would be happy to help you locate one.

• This interview with Gerry Rodrigues of Tower 26, published on the VasaBlog, is also very useful for open water swimmers: Open Water Swimming; How To Get Stronger, Better, Faster

Happy Training!


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