15 Reasons to Swim at Home

How It Will Help You Swim Stronger, Better, Faster

15 Reasons to Swim At Home

What? Swim at home without a pool? Yes, you can and thousands of athletes have been doing it for years. Did you know that dryland training from home is one of the best ways for swimmers, triathletes, and surfers to stay consistent and make improvements in strength, power, and stroke technique?   It’s true. Plus, consistent quality training leads to increased confidence while getting stronger, better, faster. 

For over 30 years, our customers have discovered that swim training at home provides them with many benefits and perks. For example, it affords the freedom to work out anytime, wear whatever you want, avoid the hassles & inconveniences of training at the pool or gym, and use less gas with fewer commutes to the pool or open water practices. 

Here are 15 great reasons our customers love Vasa training at home.

  1. It’s a 5-minute commute. You can literally roll out of bed, warm-up, and start training in your personal training room (which you have already decorated for maximum motivation and inspiration, right?!). BONUS: You get to use your own shower afterward!
  2. No more parking hassles.  It’s great to get a break from hunting for a parking spot!!
  3. Just hit the “snooze button”. Fewer early morning commutes to the pool mean a little more sleep. Plenty of sleep restores the body best and provides more energy for workouts.
  4. Vasa is a “barefoot workout”! You don’t have to wear socks & shoes. Plus, you can wear your tattered old workout clothes. No one’s watching!
  5. Start with your own freshly made cup of coffee!  You’ll also save big $$ by avoiding the expensive coffee shop.
  6. Nasty weather outside?  Your training room conditions will always be perfect. It’s really great to take a break from the rain or freezing cold temperatures outside.
  7. There’s always a lane open, just for you. No scheduling a lane, no crowds, no chlorine!
  8. There are no limits to Frequency, Intensity, and Time (F.I.T.) – you can do frequent, intense short bouts of training or you can do longer duration sets or time trials because you get to choose.
  9. Never miss a swim training session. You can squeeze in a workout whenever you want – morning, noon, or night.
  10. You can choose your own playlist (and sing your heart out!). 
  11. It’s OK to grunt, groan, and shout expletives during those excruciating intervals or a 400-meter time trial. (Hopefully, no one will be listening!) 
  12. Multitask to make the most of your training time. Do some laundry, run the dishwasher, let dinner bake or simmer during a 20 to 30-minute Vasa BYO workout. You’re the boss!
  13. Video record your Vasa workout to analyze your swim technique afterward. This is especially useful if you do it when fatigued in order to spot flaws and limiters. 
  14. Need to keep your cool? You can control the room temperature and use as many fans as you need. 
  15. Fun for the whole family. Involve your kids and spouse in some workouts. Leverage the power of involving them to gain buy-in as you work toward achieving your athletic and fitness goals. You’ll set a good example for the kids, who learn by doing and observing.. 

Have you experienced more benefits from swim training at home?  If so, let us know!  Be sure to check out this article on why swim training at home is so convenient and how it saves time & money.

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