Build Your Own Swim Workout (BYO)

Swim Power + Push, Pull, Core 

 Build Your Own Swim Workout: Wheel Hub & Spokes 

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Imagine a wheel with a hub and spokes. Let’s Build Your Own Swim Workout using this format: the “hub” will be swim-specific training at the center of your workouts.  You’ll come back to the center (hub) for each swim-specific interval in between each Push, Pull, and Core exercise (spokes).  Use a Vasa SwimErg, a Vasa Trainer or a Vasa Sport Bench with Crossover Cords as your swim-specific training tool. The “spokes” will be comprised of a combination of Push, Pull, and Core exercises you will select in advance.

For Push, Pull, & Core exercises, choose from a variety of bodyweight calisthenics or functional training tools, such as dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, free weights, suspension training, or a Vasa Trainer.

There are nearly unlimited variations for these workout configurations.  You can create a workout using only upper body exercises or you can create a full-body workout with a balanced mix of the upper body, lower body, core and swim power intervals.

Variations also can be created by changing the intensity level, interval time, or the number of rounds.   If you need an easy day, just do it at a lower intensity, with shorter intervals and fewer rounds.

Download the Vasa Build Your Own Swim Workout Template Today!

The Vasa Build Your Own Swim Workout Structure

Warm-up: 5 – 10 minutes

Main set:  

(NOTE: The following sample workout is great and ready to be used. For Swim-specific Intervals, use a Vasa SwimErg, a Vasa Trainer or a Vasa Sport Bench with resistance bands or cords)

Time per Exercise

2 minutes – Swim-specific: Freestyle with a low arm-recovery

1 minute – Push exercise

2 minutes – Swim-specific: Two-arm pulls (fly)-using a low arm-recovery

1 minute – Pull exercise

2 minutes – Swim-specific: Two-arm pulls (fly) laying Supine

1 minute – Core exercise

2 minutes – Swim-specific: Freestyle with low arm-recovery

Cooldown: 5 minutes – easy Swim-specific: Freestyle and mixed pulls

NOTE: use the Vasa Build Your Own Swim Workout Template to create your own library of high quality, efficient, and effective workouts. 

Variations for the Main Set:

Rest between each interval &  exercise – up to 30 seconds to switch from one to the next.  As you gain fitness, decrease the rest period.

Add More Rounds: Repeat the Main Set for a total of 2 or 3 rounds.

Dryland training off seasonMix up the Push, Pull, & Core exercises for each round:

  • Push: choose from push-ups, bench or stair dips, burpees, dumbbell squat with shoulder press, bench press, lateral raises, triceps extensions)
  • Pull: (pull-ups, horizontal pull-ups, chin-ups, lat pull-downs, rows, bicep curls)
  • Core: (curl-ups, bird dog, side bridge, plank poses, ab rollouts, TRX Pike-up, ab crunches)

Increase the time for the Swim-specific Intervals to 3, 4 or 5 minutes per.

Vary Intensity for the Swim-specific Intervals.

HIIT workout – Do each exercise listed in the Main Set above (Swim-specific, Push, Pull, & Core) for 45 – 60 seconds, with 20 – 30 seconds rest between. It’s high intensity, so go for it! Repeat the Main Set for a total of 2 or 3 rounds.

30-20-10 Power Building Interval Workout: Each Swim work interval consists of swimming Freestyle 30 seconds at easy pace/power, 20 seconds at moderate pace/power, and finish with 10 seconds at near max pace/power.

Increase time for each Push, Pull, & Core interval to 2 minutes.

Substitute Freestyle with Recovery stroke for an interval – Watch The Video!

Cooldown alternatives: easy yoga, cycling, rowing, jogging, walking, etc.

Check Out Our Vasa BYO Workout Video Library:

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