Vasa Lane 9 Workout Video #3 – Full Body Strength & Conditioning Circuit for Swimmers, Triathletes & Surfers

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Full Body Strength & Conditioning Circuit for Swimmers, Triathletes & Surfers

With Coach Dan Daly, CSCS

This full-body swim conditioning workout was designed with an emphasis on speed and strength using the Vasa Trainer Pro.  (Note:  it’s also OK to do this workout using a Vasa SwimErg or the Vasa Sport Bench & Swim Cords).  Start with 3 sets of five key exercises done in a continuous circuit, including a swim-specific, a lower body, a pushing exercise, a core strengthened, and finish with a pulling motion.  Be sure to rest about 2 minutes between sets.  Increase the number of sets up to six per workout as your fitness improves.

Workout Details:

• Warm-up for 10 to 15 minutes

Dan DalyPerform the following 5 exercises for 6-8 reps each, completed in a continuous circuit without rest, for 3-6 rounds, with 2min rest between rounds.

1. Swim-specific – Double Arm Butterfly Sprint with Pulley Attachment and Hand Paddles (:30sec)
2. Lower Body – Streamline Jump Squats
3. Push – Quadruped Overhead Reach and Push into the Trainer
4. Core – Reachouts
5. Pull – High Incline Prone Lat Pulldown

Rest for 2 minutes between rounds.

Do 3-6 rounds depending on your fitness level and the training cycle you are currently in.

Choose a resistance band and incline that is challenging for at least 6 reps, but no more than 8.

Tips for using the correct technique and good posture:

1. Swim-specific – Double Arm Butterfly Sprint with Pulley Attachment and Hand Paddles (:30sec)
Pull in front of the shoulder, elbows high, fingers down. Recover as if your hands were just above the water surface.

2. Lower Body – Streamline Jump Squats
Dan DalyStreamline – one hand over the other, arms overhead, biceps by the ears, no space between the arms and head. Feet hip-width apart, toes turned slightly out. Perform one rep at a time. Quickly load into a quarter squat, hands back hips back. Push the floor away, exploding off the ground into a tight streamline. Return to the ground softly.

3. Push – Quadruped Overhead Reach and Push into the Trainer
Down on all fours on hands and knees, hands under shoulders, knees under hips, then slightly wider, toes tucked. Lift your knees one inch off the deck. The back is flat like a tabletop. Inhale, reach overhead and push into the trainer with one arm. Maintaining position, repeat with the other arm. Replace your hands to the ground in the same order and repeat, alternating arms.

4. Core – Reachouts
Begin in a plank position on the swim bench, elbows underneath shoulders, palms facing down. Anchor down with a long bodyline from the back of the head to the heals. With an inhale, reach your elbows away from your body, as far as you can, keeping your hips in line with your body. Return your elbows underneath your body and repeat.

5. Pull – High Incline Prone Lat Pulldown
Replace the pulley system with straps. Raise the incline between 1 and 15 as tolerated. Start long from a full hang, arms overhead, biceps by your ears, with a taught bodyline. Initiate the pull by driving your elbows down to your body. Keep your fists in line with your elbows. Explode up and return slow.

Coach Dan Daly, CSCS is a popular personal trainer and also the co-creator of the Equinox Group Swim Program EQXH2O.  To learn more and connect, check out Dan’s website:

Note: This total body workout for swimmers is part of a series. Keep an eye on your email and our VasaBlog for the next installment and be sure to check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 4 (Dan Daly photos courtesy @dandaly)

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