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Vasa Trainer Pro “Lane 9” Workout #4 – Total Body Workout For Swimmers

Total Body Workout for Swimmers, Triathletes & Surfers

With Coach Dan Daly, CSCS 

Total Body Workout Details:

  • Warm-up for 10 to 15 minutes using light intensity aerobic exercises and stretching.

Perform the following 10 exercises in pairs or compound sets for 8-20 reps each, completed in a continuous circuit without rest, for 3-8 rounds, with 2min rest between rounds.

1A Power Platform Split Squats  

Dan Daly Workout

1B Rear Foot Elevated DeadLifts 

2A Prone Double Arm Butterfly Pull

2B Prone Triceps Extensions

3A Seated Neutral Grip Row

3B Seated Crossover High Pull 

4A Seated Chest Press

4B Seated Chest Fly

5A Dead bugs

5B Reverse Crunches

Rest for 2 minutes between rounds.

Do 3-8 rounds depending on your fitness level and the training cycle you are currently in.

Choose a resistance band and incline that is challenging for at least 8 reps. Add a rep or two every couple of weeks, up to 20 reps, then add a set, working up to 8 total sets. 

Tips for correct technique and posture:

Dan Daly Workout

1A Power Platform Split Squats  – staggered stance, one foot in front of the other. Front foot flat, back foot up on your toe. Push the platform away, extending your ankle, knees, and hips. Inhale on the way down, exhale up. 

1B Rear Foot Elevated DeadLifts – Back foot laces down on the swim bench. 90-90% of your weight on the front foot. Push your hips back, bow forward, with your head and chest parallel to the ground. Inhale as you sit back into your hips, exhale, stand tall. 

2A Prone Double Arm Butterfly Pull – Set your catch with an early vertical forearm, fingers down, elbows up. Pull with your hand in line with your shoulder to your hip. Recover wide tracing your hands inline with the shoulders just above the water surface. 

2B Prone Triceps Extensions – Elbows tight by your side, and bent at 90 degrees, push your hands down to your hips, extending your elbow, and squeezing the back of your arms. 

3A Seated Neutral Grip Row – Seated tall, facing the front of the trainer, with a neutral grip, palms facing, pull and drive your elbows back towards your body. Return slow and reach completely forward as you remain tall. 

Dan Daly Workout

3B Seated Crossover High Pull – Crisscross the handles. Leading with your elbows, pull up, back, and above your shoulders. Return slow and long, seated tall. 

4A Seated Chest Press – Sit tall facing the rear of the trainer. With a neutral grip, palms facing, push the handles straight ahead and shoulder-width apart locking out your elbows. Return slow. 

4B Seated Chest Fly – With a slightly bent but fixed elbow, reach back with your elbows until you feel a stretch in your chest, reach wide and around, like your hugging a barrel, squeezing your hands together at the top. 

5A Deadbugs- Lie on your back, hands over your shoulders, knees over your hips. Tuck your chin, and flatten your lower back to the swim bench. Reach overhead with one arm as you extend the opposite leg. Return to the middle and repeat with the opposite limbs.  Be sure to move only two limbs at a time. 

5B Reverse Crunches – At the edge of the bench, like back, head supported. Reach up and back grabbing the top of the bench with both hands. Begin with your legs straight, toes pointed. Tuck your knees into your chest, rolling your pelvis off the bench. Return, extending your legs long, toes pointed.

Coach Dan Daly, CSCS is a popular personal trainer and also the co-creator of the Equinox Group Swim Program EQXH2O.  To learn more and connect, check out Dan’s website:

Note: This total body workout for swimmers is part of a series. Keep an eye on your email and our VasaBlog for the next installment and be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2, and Part 4. (Dan Daly photos courtesy @dandaly)

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