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What is the most efficient and powerful way to integrate the VASA Swim Ergometer with in-water training?

will&jeff CollegeIf you have a VASA Swim Erg or Trainer on the pool deck, that’s the best-case scenario. It provides profound tactile feedback that can be immediately translated to the pool. The Erg really helps the breathing or stroke-rate challenged, because you can breathe and keep your body in a straight line. Breathing inherently creates imbalance. Swimming on the Swim Ergometer is like being in the pool with a front-mount snorkel. It helps you isolate and engage your bigger muscles. You can re-create the clean line on the Swim Erg into the water. ~Eric Neilsen

Eric Neilsen, Multisport Coach, Certified Level 4 ASCA Coach – Eric has been a coach, trainer and athlete for over 20 years and currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. Eric runs his own multisport coaching and consulting business, Eric Neilsen Coaching, where he works with athletes of all ages, from novice to professional, by providing personalized services that empower clients to achieve their full athletic potential.