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Vasa builds premium products, designed to improve our customers’ performance and built to last a lifetime.


Our philosophy from the start has been simple: Make great products that yield superb results for the people who use them.

Since our beginning in 1988, over 24 years ago, we’ve gained worldwide recognition while remaining focused on supporting athletes and coaches at every level.

Our success is the product of true collaboration between Vasa’s customer service folks, industrial designers, engineers, manufacturers and the many thousands of knowledgeable Vasa customers who so generously provide feedback and suggestions that help us make improvements. Their critical feedback has helped make Vasa products the outstanding training tools they are today.

It is our distinct privilege to serve you and the sports, fitness and rehabilitation industries you may represent. Your loyalty, passion, and dedication to making a difference inspires us to improve our company, to be better people, and to continue serving our customers to the best of our abilities.

As our circle of customers grows, we will remain committed to making the world’s best training tools for athletes, coaches and trainers while offering the ultimate level of customer service and support.

All this leads to the natural and logical creation of the Vasa company blog. Our primary aims for this blog are to provide useable information and video as it applies to your sporting interest, to “connect the dots” by reporting new findings, creative uses of Vasa training equipment, product improvements, and to share the expertise that our customers pass along to us.

We invite you to join us in our commitment of excellence by following the Vasa blog and by sharing your own ideas and experiences from which others may benefit.


With sincere gratitude,




Rob Sleamaker
President and Founder
Vasa, Inc.


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