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Sustained power. We all want it. How do we get it?

Get the ANT+ monitor.

The ability to get data from the Vasa Swim Ergometer into a platform was a major breakthrough. That happened with power meters for other sports, but before the Vasa Swim Erg, never in swimming. Open sourcing it changed the game. It’s where things are headed. Period. The Swim Erg has so much application for open water swimmers. I can get them to do 10-15 minutes on the Erg and derive a lot of value from that. Most swimmers don’t lack aerobic power, they lack muscle endurance. And the Erg is hands-down the best way to do that. ~Tim Crowley

Improve Swimming Using the Vasa Ergometer Power Meter

Tim Crowley, CSCS, NASM-Pes, TC2 Coaching Head Coach- Tim has been a trainer, coach and elite triathlete for over 20 years. Tim is the Director of Fitness and the Sports Performance at Wayside Racquet and Swim Club in Marlboro, MA. Founder and owner of TC2- Training and Coaching, Tim currently coaches several Elite and Ironman Athletes, including 2008 Olympian and two time World Champion Jarrod Shoemaker, US National Team members Alicia Kaye and Steve Sexton, as well as ITU athletes from the US, Egypt and Canada.