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New Year’s Message from Vasa founder, Rob Sleamaker

Why people (and companies) do what they do tells the story of who they are and what they stand for.  

Every day at Vasa, we receive incredible success stories from our customers who are doing extraordinary things. These stories give us insights on why these people are so exceptional in sport and in life. They inspire and motivate us to remain true to our core mission and focus on what matters most.

Since our beginning in 1988, our mission has been to design and build the best, most durable, and innovative functional sports training products that support our customers in maximizing their potential.

Shortly after Vasa started, legendary Olympic swim coaches Richard Shoulberg, Nort Thornton, and Richard Quick “discovered” the Vasa Trainer while attending the ASCA World Clinic. Their enthusiastic endorsement cemented our place in competitive swimming and ever since, we have focused on producing the best dry land swim benches in the world.

While Vasa Trainers have been a main stay training tool world-wide, our dedication to innovation led to the development of the Vasa Swim Ergometer. The “Swim Erg” is a technologically advanced swim training tool that has far reaching benefits for all who use it. Most recently, it can be used like a Vasa Trainer by adding a simple accessory – so it’s a “2-for-1” machine, which adds great value for the consumer. And for the high tech types, we’ve developed a wireless ANT+ power meter (coming Feb. 2015) so data can be uploaded, analyzed and logged – all of which leads to highly informed training, diagnosis, and training adjustments.

Vasa is based in Vermont, and while our state has never been known for producing Olympic swimmers, our citizens are famous for ingenuity, innovation, and perseverance.

Thank you for your loyalty to Vasa for these past 26 years. We vow to innovate and persevere to deliver great products guaranteed to help you achieve your very best.










Rob Sleamaker, Founder and CEO