Monica Pato McAuliffe & Mark J Heulitt – “For Cancer”


MonicaMcAuliffeMonica Pato McAuliffe shares her ‘Why’.

My “why,” is to chase my fathers spirit. He passed of cancer 7 months after his diagnosis. Right then, I decided I needed to improve my health. I dug deep and found the motivation when I wanted to fold and just cry. I dove into love of the sport, triathlons. Through my journey, I lost 60 lbs and became a role model to my children. With great support from my husband, family, and friends….loving the healthy lifestyle, I became a certified health coach and have guided 112 people to their goals. Every stroke, I feel strong even when I am weakened with sorrow of his passing. RIP my Richard Pato. My “why” is now, when you exercise, everything else seems to “workout!”



MarkHeulittMark J Heulitt, MD shares his ‘Why’.

My why, Five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I was blessed to beat the cancer but as we were celebrating my being cancer free, I was diagnosed with a rare complication of my radiation treatment which caused nerve damage. The complication caused me the loose the strength in my left arm. I went from being able to do curls with 75 lb dumbbells, to only being able to do 2 reps with one pound. My wife convinced me that I could use swimming to strengthen my left arm muscles and compensate for my muscle loss. The problem, I swim like a rock. I know I needed something that would allow me to strengthen my muscles and work on my form.

After extensive research I choose the Vasa Ergometer. Over the next year I set a goal to swim a 2.4 mile ocean race with my wife in Charleston, SC. I am happy to report I was able to swim that race and finish in 44 minutes. I could never have been able do that without the strength and technique I gained from my trainer. Thank you for a great product.



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