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Lesley Paterson – What are people afraid of and how do you deal with fear?


People are afraid of being different, how they look. Showing a weakness is not a bad thing. It’s a unifying thing.

It brings people together. The best thing we can share with others is a sense of empathy. Show your weaknesses. Face your weaknesses. That’s a strength.

Most people ignore the signs of fear, and they try to cover them up. They’re out to protect their ego. Instead of trying to ignore it, I face it head on. Yes, I am scared. Shit, we’re all scared. And it’s okay! Know this: Admission takes you one step closer to overcoming it. What am I scared of? If you know WHY, then you can face it—and overcome it.


Lesley Paterson is a triathlete and triathlon coach who is the 2011 and 2012 XTERRA Triathlon World Champion as well as the 2012 ITU Cross Triathlon World Champion. Paterson coaches triathletes using the name Braveheart Coaching.