How to swim faster in open water

2012 US Olympian Alex Meyer describes how Vasa training helped his freestyle swimming technique.

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An epiphany moment  

“I had this epiphany moment one day during practice where I didn’t feel like I was swimming very well. I imagined myself training on the Vasa SwimErg. As a result, I kept my elbow a little bit higher and tried to hold more water and push all the way through.  Doing that really helped my stroke in the reverse way. Normally when you’re on the Vasa SwimErg, you’re thinking about trying to mimic your stroke in the pool. But this was the opposite of that. I was in the pool and imagining myself doing a workout on an Vasa.  That just goes to show how well dryland swim-specific training on the Vasa and swimming in the pool complement each other really well.”


Alex Meyer – US Olympic Open Water swimmer where he placed tenth in the 10-kilometer open water event at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

He won a gold medal at the 2010 FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships in the 25-kilometer open water event.



Have you had any interesting experiences or epiphanies as a result of your own Vasa training?  If yes, please let us know either by email or tell your story here.

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