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Bryan Verdeur – “Because you can do what others wish they could.”

BryanVerdeurI never share this stuff with anyone. I woke up last night at 1:30 am and tossed and turned. Then flipped through FB saw your post and just started writing. 

Growing up I did it for my parents, my coaches, and for my grandfather (Joe Verdeur). Then after the last meet Senior year I didn’t have to do it anymore. I put on 45lbs in a year. Then I thought I had to do it for me. I found that old friend I had not seen in a while. Though the one at the gym wasn’t as rusty and squeaky as the high schools Vasa’s. Then I hit the pool and I hit it 5:30 am just like the old days. Why? Because Mel swam every morning. Mel has MS and would be in the pool swimming before I was everyday. I think she had a key to the gym. No matter how early I was she was already in. Not only did she push me out of bed she pushed me in the pool, on the bike and while I was running.

Though I didn’t think I was training for anything or anyone at the time. About a year and a half after getting back at it and 45lbs lighter. During a family vacation my brother and I were at the beach the day after a hurricane came through. The water was rough with big breakers. No one was in as the beach was unguarded. All of a sudden a boy and his father get swept across and out from our right. They need help the father is going under and we can barely see the boy. I start to go in after them. Sighting to see them at the top of each roller. It took forever to get out. I reach the boy and can’t find the father. The boy has a death grip around my neck. Then I get pulled under by the father grabbing my leg. As I come back up for air I turn around and see my brother come over a crest of a wave(thank you!). We get the boy and father on their backs and haul them in. We came in shore a good 1000 meters down current. By that time EMTs had arrived and took them to the hospital. Three days later we see the Lawver family walking on the beach.

So WHY? Because you can do what others wish they could. Because you may inspire that person to find themselves. Because you never know when you are gonna get tested and have to dig deep.

This was a submission on the Vasa Facebook page as part of the Vasa Ripple Effect campaign which strikes to the very heart of what gets us out of bed in the morning to do the sports we love. We want the Vasa community to share, connect and live better lives. At Vasa, we believe in “the power of why.” We believe people can achieve the extraordinary when they know and live their why. And, we believe that if people share ‘why’ they do their sport, it will make them better athletes & coaches—and thus, better people—which produces a positive ripple effect on others. With that, we invite you to join the new Vasa community by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. Connect with like-minded people, share your Why—and experience the #VasaRippleEffect!