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Better Freestyle Body Rotation

In this Freestyle swimming technique training video, Karlyn Pipes demonstrates the essential techniques needed for developing an efficient, powerful Freestyle swim with the Vasa Swim Ergometer swim training system.

Coach Pipes shows how to perform a proper, powerful body rotation in Freestyle, similar to that used by the best swimmers and top triathletes. Connecting the core & hip rotation muscles with a shoulder shift and high elbow catch is essential for accessing the powerful muscles of the core, lats and upper back throughout a race of any distance. Often swimmers confuse hip roll and rotation and end up rolling too much on their side and “gliding” too long, thus creating a non-optimal positions and more drag in the water. Todays best swim coaches, swimmers, and triathletes use just enough rotation and shoulder shift, which can be practiced perfectly on the Vasa Swim Ergometer and / or Vasa Trainer. This makes it easier to integrate that efficient technique to swimming in the pool or open water.

Karlyn Pipes of, provides swim technique clinics world wide. She holds over 200 Masters Swimming World Records.