SwimErg with PM3 Power Meter

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SwimErg with PM3 Power Meter

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From: $2,299.00


The XL bench replaces the standard bench. It's longer & wider for more stability. Recommended for users over 6 feet (183 cm) in height and over 200 lbs (90 kg). $50 upcharge.

The Vasa Swim Ergometer, equipped with the latest PM3 Power Meter technology, allows you to simulate swimming workouts that make you stronger, better, & faster. That’s because swim technique, power, and endurance improves with consistent, high-quality swim-specific training. The SwimErg provides the ultimate dryland swim training experience. Plus you can use it to swim at home, club, or gym.

Measure your daily SwimErg training with accurate, repeatable data from the PM3 Power Meter and connect it with your favorite apps & devices such as Garmin®, TrainerDay® and TrainerRoad®


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90-Day Performance Guarantee

Try it for yourself for 3 months, risk-free –your improvement will be dramatic. If you don't realize a performance improvement within 90 days, we'll refund the purchase price – no questions asked.

Lifetime Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with Vasa's Lifetime Home Use Limited Warranty – included at no cost with your purchase.

Fanwheel Airflow
Padded Bench
Handles & Paddles
PM 3 Power Meter

Product Features

Take a closer look.

The Vasa SwimErg is the “secret weapon” of thousands of athletes and coaches who need quality swim training on dryland. It’s their “go-to” swimming simulator to maintain consistency, measure progress, and improve technique, power, and endurance. With many swim-specific and functional exercises to keep you sharp, this swim bench is unrivaled in versatility, durability and value.

The Vasa SwimErg is the ultimate swim bench for improving endurance, sustained power, and stroke technique.

Consistent training on the SwimErg is a proven way for athletes of any ability to swim stronger, better, faster.  You’ll get outstanding results for developing swim-specific power, strength, and endurance.  The SwimErg’s adjustable airflow resistance closely simulates the feeling of swimming in water.

The PM3 Power Meter’s reliable, repeatable metrics make it easy to quantify your progress on every session. It comes with ANT+ and BT wireless connectivity, ready to use with 3rd party devices and applications like Garmin®, TrainerDay® and TrainerRoad®. That gives more options for interactive training experiences, including the use of structured workouts. 

When you use it with third-party programs like TrainingPeaks®, Strava® and Intervals.icu®, you can upload your workouts to analyze your performance and progress.

Note: PM3 Power Meters were standard in Vasa SwimErg’s purchased after 9/12/2022.

BONUS: You get a free 90-day subscription to TrainerDay® and access to Vasa-specific SwimErg workouts written by some of Vasa’s top coaches for the ultimate indoor dry land swim training experience!  Note: iPhone, iPad, and 3rd party devices not included.

Vasa Trainer Pro

The Vasa Swim Ergometer is the first choice of top professional, Olympic, and amateur athletes as well as renowned coaches around the globe. It will help you swim faster and reach your performance goals efficiently.

Form and function:

  • Anatomic bench and hand paddles encourage proper swim technique
  • Adjustable airflow resistance with 7 damper door resistance settings – low to high
  • Precision drive shaft, fan flywheel and bearings for smooth and quiet action
  • Rugged tubular steel frame with a durable baked-on epoxy finish is built to last a lifetime
  • Power Meter

The PM3 Power Meter (ANT+ and BT Wireless Connectivity) completes your swim training system by providing instant feedback on your performance. Measure time, distance, pace, stroke rate, watts including right arm / left arm power balance. You also have the option to transmit the data wirelessly to 3rd party ANT+ compatible devices and Mac, iOS and Android applications.  

Use with 3rd party devices and applications like Garmin®, TrainerDay® and TrainerRoad® to enhance your options for a more interactive training experience including the planning and execution of structured workouts.

For a complete experience, upload your workouts to third-party programs like TrainingPeaks®, Strava® and Intervals.icu® where you can analyze your individual workout performance and progress. Learn more about the PM3 Power Meter with ANT+ and BT Wireless Connectivity.

This information allows you to:

  • Measure effectiveness of training
  • Create repeatable workouts and benchmark tests
  • Perform power-based structured training
  • Perform distance specific intervals
  • Simulate races & time trials
  • Measure right & left arm power balance
  • Stay motivated, train smarter and have fun!


  • Pre-set Distance
  • Monitor Clock
  • Pre-set Intervals
  • Split Times
  • Workout Review
  • Odometer


How easy is it to assemble the Vasa Swim Ergometer?

The Vasa SwimErg requires very little assembly.  Most of the difficult parts are already put together for you. The Assembly instructions are clearly illustrated and all necessary tools are included. Allow 30 to 45 minutes for assembly.

If you need help, please call Vasa’s customer service and technical support at 1.802.872.7101 M-F, 9 am-5 pm Eastern Time. Or contact us here.

How much space is needed for using the Vasa SwimErg?

The Swim Ergometers are 8’ 6” long x 28” wide. We recommend a usage space of 10’ long by 4’ wide to allow the full range of motion in every direction.

NOTE: we offer the SpaceSaver SwimErg as a compact, fully functional training solution for those with space limitations. When paired with our portable Sport Bench, this combination requires far less space and offers outstanding versatility and value.

How do I adjust resistance on the Vasa Ergometer?

There are three ways to adjust the resistance:

  1. Damper Door: Seven settings regulate airflow resistance. Setting Number 1 is when the damper door is fully closed, providing the least resistance. It feels like swimming with a current or paddling downstream. Setting Number 7, with the door fully open, provides the most resistance. It feels like swimming against a strong current or swimming upstream.
  2. Flywheel: The variable airflow resistance feels like pulling through the water when swimming – the harder & faster you pull, the more resistance you will feel.
  3. Trainer Strap System add-on: This useful accessory transforms the SwimErg to be used like a Vasa Trainer to perform many swim-specific strength exercises. It comes with two adjustable-length webbing straps and three power cords for resistance.

Is the Vasa SwimErg safe for people of all ages/abilities?

The Vasa Swim Ergometer is simple to use, sturdy in construction, and completely safe for people of all ages and abilities. It is easy to determine a safe operating resistance. If your children safely play on a jungle gym or other playground equipment, they’ll enjoy the Vasa Ergometer safely with adult supervision.

Vasa SwimErg or Vasa Trainer Pro: Which model is best for me?

Both machines, the Vasa Swim Ergometer and the Vasa Trainer Pro will help you become a stronger, better, and more powerful swimmer. They just work in different ways.  The SwimErg has a great Power Meter to guide and motivate you with data.  You will accomplish more in less time, thanks to the high-quality training they provide. If you want to see a side-by-side comparison of how each ranks by training benefit, review our Model Comparison Chart.

What exercises can I do on the Vasa Swim Ergometer?

In addition to the primary sports-specific training, you can perform various exercises using the SwimErg. Many functional training exercises can strengthen the abdominals, arms, back, chest, shoulders, and legs. Each exercise can be performed at a resistance setting appropriate for your specific need, whether strength, power, speed, endurance, rehabilitation, or flexibility. You’ll want to use the Exercise Handles to perform most functional exercises.

Adding the Trainer Strap System (add-on accessory) greatly increases the number of swim-specific and functional strength exercises possible.

How can I get hip roll & body rotation for Freestyle?

The hip roll and body rotation on the SwimErg bench can be done by engaging the core abdominal and torso muscles to transfer that energy into the pulling arm from the catch to the finish of the stroke. While the body will not roll as much as in the water, you can activate the right muscles and timing to increase pulling power significantly.

The padded bench on Vasa Swim Ergometer (and Vasa Trainer Pro) allows the swimmer to activate and strengthen the core muscles used in hip rotation while performing Freestyle exercises. This is accomplished by simultaneously driving one hip down into the padded bench just at “the catch” of the opposite arm. When the swimmer uses proper stroke technique, hip rotation on the bench activates the core torso muscles to provide better conditioning. The difference between swimming Freestyle on the bench with and without hip rotation is quite noticeable. Swimmers can also place a rolled-up beach towel or soft yoga mat lengthwise on the padded bench to create slight destabilization and greater activation of core muscles when swimming Freestyle on the Vasa.

Can I do Vasa SwimErg workouts to substitute pool workouts?

It’s easy to simulate typical pool workouts using the Vasa Swimming Ergometer. Many swimmers and coaches use it for intervals, timed sets, or long aerobic workouts. The Vasa SwimErg allows you to do swim-specific aerobic or strength sessions effectively, on your schedule, in the comfort of your home or club. The gains made from SwimErg training are easily transferred to the water.

In this video, Masters Swimmer and coach Karlyn Pipes explains how to use the Vasa SwimErg as a supplement or substitute to pool and open water swimming:

The Vasa SwimErg is designed to be used and stored in relatively dry areas with low humidity and good air quality. Because of its electronics, we do not recommend using or storing it for long periods of time in environments with high levels of chlorine, humidity, or ocean air. If used on pool decks, we strongly recommend placing it on a dry floor mat and storing it in a dry area with low humidity and low chlorine levels.

How much maintenance is required?

Regular maintenance of your Vasa Ergometer is an important component of years of enjoyable, functional, and safe use. Maintenance requirements will vary considerably depending on how much use your Vasa Ergometer gets. Please read the guidelines carefully, as these recommendations are made to help you maintain your Vasa Ergometer most effectively.

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Alex Meyer

Olympic Open Water Swimmer

“I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my power and stamina since incorporating Vasa machines into my training. They’ve become an indispensable training tool for me and I am looking forward to working with them in the future.”

Matt Kredich

Head Swimming Coach, University of Tennessee

“I am a strong proponent of the use of swim trainers, specifically the Vasa Trainer swim bench as a multidimensional tool for helping to develop swimmers. I have been using them to train swimmers for 21 years, and have seen two significant benefits: one in the specific strength of the swimmers’ pull, and the second in the understanding of proper swimming mechanics that comes from doing things the right way on the Vasa.”

Coach Lou Manganiello 

“I have been using Vasa Trainers since the beginning of (their) time! They have proved to be an essential piece of our dry land program and especially useful during “periods” when pool training was unavailable!”

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61 reviews for SwimErg with PM3 Power Meter

  1. Oliver Klaus

    Improved my open water performance in one season from 1:05 h to 59:30 min. Working with ergometer was hard initially. Then I focused on technique and did frequent but rather short training sessions (3-5 times a week 20 mins).

  2. Shannon Corrigan

    I use mine primarily to get in paddling shape for surf trips. Aside from Waikiki style small wave long boarding intermediate and advanced surfing is about 90% paddling fitness. As a now landlocked Washington State surfer who travels to fairly heavy spots a few times a year I have found the erg to be indispensable for preparation. This is after years of trying various gym exercises, time in the pool etc.

  3. Erik Leishman

    I purchased my VASA ERG almost 2 years ago. It is undeniably the single best piece training equipment I have purchased. I use the ERG every other day to supplement my swims. My endurance and strength – and subsequently my speed improved greatly. I also have two junior swimmers. I started my 10yr old on it last year and she mad JO ( state level gold times ) at 9! It’s a family affair and my 6yr old is already trying to get in on the training!

    The machine is so versatile. I can train for SUP, Kayaking and free, breast and fly.

    I tell all my buddies it’s the single best thing they can own.

    Lastly – I am 50. I am back to college weight. 5’11 165 lbs and 42-inch chest…eat right, follow a game plan and use the ERG…

  4. John Horncastle

    The Vasa Swim Ergometer is a versatile piece of equipment you should consider to have in your locker.

    I’m a triathlete & earlier this year injured my knee. My injury was to the extent that I could only walk. Running, swimming & biking were out of the question. However, the Vasa trainer came into its own during this
    period. I was able to continue (dry-land) swim-training to maintain a reasonable level of cardio-vascular fitness. In fact, my swimming improved when I returned to the pool!

    I’m more than happy to recommend it as a product. it gives you flexibility when getting to the pool is difficult, certainly, it provides a workout as intense as any session and online videos teach you good form which also prove useful for the pool.

    So when that early morning rush to the pool doesn’t quite seem on..you relax and think there’s the Vasa!

  5. Ian Kurth

    One of my frustrations with swimming are the large administrative costs for me to get to a pool. I generally have to get my workouts in before 7am, so maximizing this time is essential. I don’t mind swimming laps, I just have trouble justifying all of the lost time commuting to and from, pool hours limitations etc. Enter VASA. I decided to try and leverage the time savings the Vasa Erg offers with a goal of improving swim times, but also spending more time running and biking. Unfortunately, there is a paucity of swim coaches who would embrace and help guide my “swimming without getting wet” approach. Swim coaches’ general knee-jerk response to the question – “how do I swim better” is “swim more”. I found coach Eric Neilsen at TSRF and reached out to him to provide guidance on how to best utilize my time on the Vasa. He is not only a gifted swim coach, he is a Vasa advocate and experienced user. He was very accommodating and supportive of my situation, and I feel the workouts that he provided and the training build he designed were really productive. Because there are metrics associated with a Vasa, I could see my power and pace improving. I knew and could feel I was stronger. I proved that in a few of my rare pool workouts, as well as in setting swim leg PR’s in several triathlons leading up to IMMT ’15 and IMWI ’16. I am very pleased with my swim times in races relative to my build, and plan to continue to primarily use a Vasa as my primary swim training accessory.

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