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What is the most important aspect of good freestyle technique? One thing.

Eric-Neilsen_Head-Shot-239x300You’ve got to stay within yourself the first 5-7 minutes of a race (unless it’s a sprint).

When you get to the start line of an event, you’re so pumped up, with adrenalin coursing through your body. You feel great, and when the gun goes off, most people go out waaay too fast—and then reality sets (“Ooh, boy. That wasn’t a good idea!)” Then, your technique will suffer badly. After the gun goes off, stay still, count to 10, and then start. The amount of stress you alleviate is amazing. When you smooth into your race, your technique will hold up much better. ~Eric Neilsen

Eric Neilsen, Multisport Coach, Certified Level 4 ASCA Coach – Eric has been a coach, trainer and athlete for over 20 years and currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. Eric runs his own multisport coaching and consulting business, Eric Neilsen Coaching, where he works with athletes of all ages, from novice to professional, by providing personalized services that empower clients to achieve their full athletic potential.