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Video: How to Improve Technique, Reduce Injuries and Swim Faster

Step-by-step progressions to obtain efficient swim stroke mechanics and improve swim technique

Vasa had the pleasure of hosting Level 4 ASCA and multisport Coach Eric Neilsen at our headquarters earlier this year to learn more about his coaching style, and how he incorporates the Vasa Ergometer into both his coaching and his own personal training.

In the 5-minute video below, Coach Eric demonstrates some basic swimming principles that you can apply to your next swim!

Understanding the stroke components: How will this help me swim faster?

Here’s an excerpt from Coach Eric’s blog:

“These simple focus points can be included in warm up, part of a main set or cool down. By breaking the stroke down into components, it helps you identify not only your strengths, but your weaknesses. Is my entry to wide, too narrow? Am I setting a good catch or dropping my elbow? Is my recovery relaxed? Sometimes just focusing on one of these can help reset your swimming stroke and help you find balance in the water. Repetition through deliberate practice while training in the pool or on the Vasa Ergometer will help you maximize your time spent training.”

Watch the video:

For more questions on how Coach Eric may be able to help you with your swimming:

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