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Freestyle on the Vasa Trainer

Introduction to the Vasa Trainer

“Five minutes on the Vasa is like 20 minutes in the pool.” -Geordie McConnell, Head Coach, Ottawa Triathlon Club

Whether you’re already a Vasa Trainer owner or considering becoming one, you’ll benefit from this customer-created video.

Ottawa Triathlon Club’s Head Coach, Geordie McConnell, recorded an introduction to the Vasa Trainer for his club members so they could quickly become accustomed to using the machine properly and to their benefit. This video is an excellent resource for athletes and coaches alike, whether new to the Vasa Trainer or just wanting a quick refresher.

Three key points covered in Geordie’s video:

1. How to get on and off the Vasa Trainer safely;
2. Early Vertical Forearm instruction;
3. Proper freestyle stroke instruction