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For success in the water, visualize yourself on the Erg

Swimming in the water? Visualize your best Erg strokes for maximum power and efficiency.

Here’s an unedited comment sent in by 2012 Olympic Open Water Swimmer, Alex Meyer:

“I was swimming a hard set the other day and felt my stroke starting to slip a little bit in the water, and it helped immensely to visualize myself using the Erg while actually swimming – it helped me keep my elbow up higher and maintain a better pull, holding more water.”

Here’s another unedited success story sent in by a customer:

“I am a 46 year old masters swimmer and am faster now than I was in my 30s, and much credit goes to my Vasa Ergometer. When I first started training on the Erg, I would “pretend” I was swimming in the water. Now that I understand the biomechanical advantage of stroke training with the Vasa, it’s just the opposite. When I’m swimming, I “pretend” I’m on the Vasa Ergometer! The result has been more distance per stroke and less fatigue for equal yardage.”

Erg (and/or Trainer) users: Have you tried visualizing yourself on the Erg while in the water to improve your technique? Let us know in the comments below!