Secrets of Dry-Land Training: Vasa at ASCA 2012

Like you, every coach wants to improve the performance of his or her athletes. Here’s access to a useful new video, Secrets of Dry-Land Training, which reveals effective training and technique methods used by six of the top swim coaches in the world.

This video was recorded on September 6th at the 2012 American Swimming Coaches Association World Clinic in Las Vegas, NV. Vasa hosted a panel of six industry experts to discuss dry-land training, technique instruction and injury rehabilitation.

We’ve organized the discussion into nine parts, separated by topic.

Watch the video by section:


Matt Kredich demonstrates using the Vasa Trainer for high elbow catch.

Dick Shoulberg explains how the Vasa Trainer is used as part of his swimmers’ workouts.

Olympic medalist Gary Hall, Sr., MD, explains Vasa Trainer technique benefits.

Jack Fabian, Ph.D, explains how to use the Vasa Trainer for technique improvement and keeping the body line even when fatigued.

Jack Fabian, Ph.D, and Gary Hall, Sr., MD, explain how the Vasa Ergometer assists with in-water training, where dry-land practices transfer to the pool or open water.

Jack Fabian, Ph.D, explains hwo the Vasa Trainer and Ergometer were used as part of Eva Fabian’s rehabilitation of a broken ankle.

Andrei Vorontsov, Ph.D, discusses hydrodynamic technique, recovery, and the development of maximum power and speed in freestyle swimming.

Genadijus Sokolovas, Ph.D, explains how the Vasa Trainer and Ergometer are used to develop power with the swimmers he analyzes.

Dick Shoulberg explains how the Vasa Trainer is used as part of a total body workout for swimmers. Audience member questions are answered.

The full 52-minute panel discussion as it appeared.


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