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Open Water Olympian Alex Meyer Heading to Knoxville to Train with Tyler Fenwick

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee, October 10. In a move that relied on a whole bunch of little connections that made it seem like fate meant for it to happen, open water Olympian Alex Meyer is headed to Knoxville, Tenn.

Meyer, who won the 2010 25K open water world title and also topped the 5K this past summer, will now be trained by Tennessee’s Tyler Fenwick as he continues his professional career. This follows a year during which Meyer was looking for some new leadership after his former coach Tim Murphy left Harvard to coach at Penn State.

“I’ve been trying to figure out what I’ve been doing the last year since Tim left,” Meyer told Swimming World. “That was the beginning of my reevaluation point. Tim is the best coach I ever had, and I trust him more than anyone as we still have a great relationship. But, right when he went to Penn State, I knew he needed to focus on adjusting to that scene.”

With Penn State out of the equation for Meyer, he turned his thoughts to a location that has a bunch of connections to Meyer that he might not have originally considered.

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