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Take your swimming up a notch – while saving time & space.

Get all the advantages of consistent swim training in less time – and now in a smaller space.

No pool required for regular high-quality training using a Vasa SpaceSaver SwimErg will improve sustained power, stamina and swim technique out of the water – guaranteed.

Built-in swim-specific strength & stamina
Increases sustained power
• Develops core stability & strong body line
• Quality training at home or the club
• Improves technique and resistance to injury


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Vasa SpaceSaver Ergometer Swim Training Machine

The Vasa SpaceSaver SwimErg is the ideal swim bench that top coaches and swimmers rely on for improving endurance, sustained power and stroke technique.

Get outstanding results for developing swim-specific power and endurance. The SwimErg’s adjustable airflow system simulates the resistance of swimming in water. You will build endurance and staying power better than any other method.

The Power Meter’s reliable, repeatable metrics will help you stay on track to achieve your goals. Try it for 3-months, risk-free—your results will be dramatic.

Woman working on improving high elbow catch for swimmingValue of adding the Sport Bench

If you need a portable bench to compliment your SpaceSaver SwimErg, the new Sport Bench will be the perfect solution.   The bench is slightly inclined, so the athlete will be in an ideal position for all swimming strokes.   The folding legs have a proprietary design that provides maximum stability during use. The legs fold up easily, making it lightweight and sleek for transport or storage.

Added Value: The Sport Bench is also excellent for functional sports conditioning, cross training and physical therapy.  In addition to the SpaceSaver SwimErg, it can be used stand-alone with dumbbells, tubing cords, medicine balls, etc.

SUP indoor paddle trainingValue & Versatility – Train for other sports

The SpaceSaver SwimErg is also perfect for training other paddle sports, including Surfing, SUP, Surf Lifeguard paddle board, Canoeing, Outrigger, & Dragonboat.  Plus, it is a great resistance unit for over 50 functional exercises for shoulder, core and leg strength and injury prevention or rehab.  View Exercise Poster here.


Make sure you have everything you need for your training with these SpaceSaver SwimErg Accessories.


Contact us anytime: 1-800-488-8272 (International 1-802-872-7101)

Vasa SwimErgs are the choice of top professional, Olympic, and amateur athletes as well as renowned coaches around the globe. It will help you swim faster and reach your performance goals efficiently.

Form and function:

  • Anatomic hand paddles encourage proper high elbow catch swim technique
  • Adjustable airflow resistance with 7 damper settings – low to high – simulates pulling through water accurately
  • Precision drive system, flywheel and pulleys proved smooth, quiet action
  • Rugged tubular steel frame with a durable baked-on epoxy finish is built to last a lifetime
  • Add the optional Vasa Sport Bench for best performance and comfort

Power Meter


The Vasa Power Meter completes your swim training system by providing instant feedback on your performance. Measure time, distance, pace, stroke rate, watts, and right arm / left arm power balance.

This information allows you to:


  • Measure effectiveness of training
  • Create repeatable workouts and benchmark tests
  • Set up power-based training
  • Perform intervals,distance, & speed
  • Simulate races & time trials
  • Measure right & left arm power balance
  • Stay motivated, train smarter and have fun!


  • Pre-set Distance
  • Monitor Clock
  • Built-in Tempo Trainer
  • Pre-set Intervals
  • Split Times
  • Workout Review
  • Odometer

Vasa SpaceSaver SwimErg: Power Meter Options

Provides precise, real-time data on the LCD screen only. Track your daily and cumulative workouts manually to evaluate overall performance gains.

View live workout data on the ANT+ Power Meter LCD screen as well as have the option to transmit the data wirelessly via ANT+ technology.  Connect to a third-party power monitoring devices such as Garmin(TM) device that receives bike power profiles, or applications like TrainerRoad(TM) or Training Peaks(TM) to enhance your options for viewing, logging, analyzing and sharing your workouts. Learn more about the ANT+ Power Meter.

If you purchase an Erg without a Power Meter, it’s easy to upgrade later with the Electronics Upgrade Kit.

Vasa SpaceSaver SwimErg Includes:

  • Illustrated Instruction Manual
  • Fully Assembled SpaceSaver SwimErg with 7 adjustable resistance settings
  • Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Power Paddles and Exercise Handles
  • Power Meter (unless another option is selected)
  • Assembly Hardware and Tools for drywall or concrete walls. NOTE: A 1/4″ drill bit & drill will be required for pilot holes.
  • *Note: If you purchase a Vasa SpaceSaverErg without a Power Meter, it’s easy to upgrade later. Learn more here.

Optional Add-ons and accessories:

PLEASE NOTE:  As we are continually making improvements to Vasa products, actual items shipped may vary slightly from the images shown on our website. Contact Vasa customer service with questions.

Vasa SpaceSaverErg Specifications:

Space Requirements:

Assembled Measurements: 19″ deep × 30″wide × 31″ high (cm=48x76x79)

For Use:  Allow a space 4 feet wide x 8 – 10 feet (M=1.2×3) – when the Sport Bench is used.

Power Meter (optional)*: Includes (2) AA Batteries

Assembled Weight: 64 lbs. (29 kg)

Shipping Weight:   66 lbs. (30 kg)

Shipping: SpaceSaver Erg is shipped in 1 box. Accessories may be shipped in additional boxes.

Shipping Information

Shipping costs for Vasa products and accessories are based upon weight & location. Our shopping cart will calculate shipping costs for you or you can contact us for assistance.
Attention International customers: Duty & taxes are additional and will be your responsibility at the time of delivery.
Contact Us if you have any questions or need more information.

Return Policy

Vasa has a 90-Day Improvement Guarantee. If you don’t see a performance improvement in three months, or if you find it’s not precisely what you’ve been looking for, we’ll refund the full purchase price—no questions asked. You will be responsible only for all shipping charges.

How easy is the SpaceSaver SwimErg to assemble?

The Vasa SpaceSaver SwimErg requires very little assembly, as most of the difficult parts are already put together. Clear instructions are included.
Allow 30-60 minutes for the installation. 

Mounting the wall bracket properly will take the most time and effort. Hardware & tools provided for drywall & concrete surfaces.  NOTE: A 1/4″ drill bit & drill will be required for the pilot holes (not included).

If you need help, please call Vasa’s customer service and technical support toll-free at 1.802.872.7101 M-F, 9am-5pmEastern Time.

How much space will be needed to use the SpaceSaver SwimErg?

When a bench is used with the SpaceSaver SwimErg, we recommend a space of 8′ to 10’ long by 4’ wide, to allow the full range of motion in every direction.

What is the recommended environment for Vasa SwimErg?

All Vasa SwimErgs are designed to be used and stored in relatively dry areas with low humidity. Because of its sophisticated electronics and internal configuration, we do not recommend using or storing it for long periods of time in environments with high levels of chlorine, humidity or ocean air. If used on pool decks, we strongly recommend using it in a dry area with low humidity and low chlorine levels in the air.

How much maintenance is required?

Regular maintenance of your Vasa SwimErg is essential for proper function & safety. Maintenance requirements will vary considerably depending on how much use your Vasa SwimErg gets. Please read the guidelines carefully, as these recommendations will help you maintain your Vasa SwimErg most effectively.

How do I adjust resistance?

There are 2 ways to adjust the resistance:
1. Damper Door: You can open the door in 7 increments. Setting number 1, when damper door is fully closed, provides the least resistance. It feels like swimming with a current or like paddling downstream. Setting number 7, with the door is fully open, provides the most resistance. It feels like swimming against a current or paddling upstream.
2. Flywheel: Variable wind resistance feels like the resistance of swimming in water – the harder & faster you pull, the more resistance you will feel.

Damper Door

Damper Door



Which Vasa Ergometer model is right for me?

Vasa Ergometers are currently available in multiple configurations for a variety of sports-specific training.

The SpaceSaver SwimErg is wall-mounted and specifically designed to save floor space and for versatility. It comes with exercise handles and swim paddles.  For swimming, the best option is the Vasa Sport Bench.  You can attach the Exercise Handles to perform a variety of functional exercises and optional Ankle Straps for leg exercises.

The standard SwimErg and KayakErg are freestanding configurations.  They are perfect for swimmers, triathletes, surfers and paddlers who have the space and prefer the features of these models over the wall-mounted Erg. 

Is the SwimErg safe for people of all ages / abilities?

All Vasa SwimErgs are simple to use, sturdy in construction and completely safe for use by people of all ages and abilities. It is easy to determine a safe operating resistance. If your children safely play on a jungle gym or other playground equipment, then they’ll safely enjoy the Vasa SwimErg.

Vasa Trainer or Vasa SwimErg: Which model is best for me?

All Vasa SwimErgs and Vasa Trainers will help you become a stronger, faster, and more powerful swimmer. You will accomplish more in less time, thanks to the high quality training they provide. If you want to see a side-by-side comparison of how each ranks by training benefit, review our Model Comparison Chart.

What exercises can I do on the SwimErg?

In addition to the primary sports-specific training, you can perform a wide range of exercises with the Vasa SpaceSaver. You can do functional training exercises for strengthening abdominals, arms, back, chest, shoulders and legs. Each exercise can be performed at a resistance setting that is appropriate for your specific need, be that strength, power, speed, endurance, rehabilitation or flexibility.


Can I accomplish hip roll / body rotation for freestyle?

Accomplishing a complete hip roll and body rotation on any swim bench cannot exactly simulate what is possible in the water. This is because of the axis of rotation while swimming in water is a straight line through the center of your body. On a swim bench, the axis of rotation is about four inches below the stomach, which requires the swimmer to roll over, rather than with, the axis of rotation. In water, the body is buoyant, which allows the swimmer to catch the water at full arm extension and initiate the arm pull with a hip rotation by driving the opposite hip toward the bottom of the pool while pulling with the opposite arm. The hip rotation engages the core abdominal muscles and transfers that energy into the pulling arm. To a degree, swimmers can effectively condition the core muscles used in hip rotation while training on the SpaceSaver SwimErg. The padded benches on Vasa Sport Bench (and Vasa Trainer) are designed to allow the swimmer to activate and strengthen the core muscles used in hip rotation while performing Freestyle exercises. This is accomplished by simultaneously driving one hip into the padded bench just at the catch of the opposite arm. If the swimmer uses proper stroke technique, then hip rotation on the bench will activate the correct muscles of the core torso and will provide better conditioning. The difference between swimming Freestyle on the bench with and without hip rotation is quite noticeable. Swimmers can gain slight destabilization and greater activation of core muscles by swimming Freestyle while laying on a long Aeromat foam pad, a rolled up towel or yoga mat placed lengthwise on the Vasa padded bench.

Can I do SpaceSaver SwimErg workouts to substitute pool workouts?

Yes, it’s easy to simulate typical pool workouts using the combination of the Vasa SpaceSaver SwimErg and the Vasa Sport Bench. Many swimmers and coaches use it for intervals, timed sets or long aerobic workouts. The SwimErg allows you to do swim-specific aerobic or strength sessions effectively, on your own schedule, in the comfort of your home, or club. The gains made by using the SwimErg are easily transferred to the water.

World Masters Swimmer of the Year, Karlyn Pipes, discusses how to use the Vasa SwimErg as a substitute for the pool:

2 reviews for SpaceSaver SwimErg

  1. Tim Crowley, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Montverde Academy, Florida

    The Vasa Sport Bench is a well-designed and versatile tool that will become the mainstay of any swim specific and strength program. The compact design allows the bench to easily be folded and stored away for saving space. It’s ideal to use with SpaceSaver SwimErg for swim-specific training. It is also an effective bench for strength training and rehab.

    We have several standard Vasa SwimErgs and a SpaceSaver SwimErg in our strength & conditioning facility at Montverde Academy. We use the Sport Bench with a SpaceSaver SwimErg for the swim teams, and with our baseball and softball athletes for injury rehab and recovery exercises.

    For use in a home or garage gym, the Sport Bench saves valuable space. When paired with the SpaceSaver SwimErg, this gives you the ultimate swim-specific training device. It also doubles as bench for strength training exercises. IMO, it is a must-have for any home training set up.

  2. Pete Williams, Co-author of Paddle Fit and Core Performance

    We’ve tested the Vasa wall-mounted SpaceSaver Erg over the last four months and have been surprised how often we turn to it, even living in Florida, where SUP is a year-round pastime.

    We’ve used it for 30-minute interval workouts, functional training, race preparation, swim workouts, and even for longer paddle sessions when Florida’s rain and notorious lightning have canceled scheduled outings on the water.

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