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Power Meter

The Vasa Power Meter completes your swim training system by providing instant feedback on your performance. Measure time, distance, pace, stroke rate, watts, and right arm / left arm power balance (watts).

Having this vital information will allow you to:

  • Measure effectiveness of training
  • Create repeatable performance testing
  • Set up power-based workouts
  • Perform intervals or distance training
  • Simulate races & time trials
  • Measure right & left arm power balance
  • Stay motivated, train smarter and have fun!

Special Functions:

  • Pre-set Distance
  • Monitor Clock
  • Built-in Tempo Trainer
  • Pre-set Intervals

Vasa Swim Erg – Power Meter options

ANT+ POWER METER (WIRELESS)View live workout data on the ANT+ Power Meter LCD screen as well as have the option to transmit the data wirelessly via ANT+ technology.  Connect to a third-party devices that receive bike power profiles, or applications like TrainerRoad or Training Peaks to enhance your options for viewing, logging, analyzing and sharing your workouts.  Learn more about the ANT+ Power Meter.

Provides precise, real-time data on the LCD screen only.  Track your daily and cumulative workouts manually to evaluate overall performance gains.

If you purchase an Erg without a Power Meter, it’s easy to upgrade later with the Electronics Upgrade Kit.