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ANT+ Power Meter

The Vasa Wireless Power Meter with built-in ANT+(TM) technology allows the wireless transmission of Vasa training data to a variety of third-party power monitoring devices and training software systems. This extends the features of the Vasa Power Monitor to things like customized viewing of selected data fields, the use of customized workouts, data recording and logging, and detailed analysis.

What is ANT+?

ANT+ is essentially a communication protocol that enables ANT+ devices to communicate and interoperate. The ANT+ feature of the Vasa Power Meter allows it to transmit its data in real time to an ANT+ receiver utilizing the ANT+ bike power profile. From there the data can be transferred to training software to be stored, reviewed, analyzed, manipulated, and shared.

With compatible apps and software programs, you can also use a mobile device or PC to view and analyze your data directly. Visit for a list of compatible devices.

Why Monitor?

Monitoring provides valuable data to help access your performance. It allows you to focus on your technique instead of which lap you’re on!


The Vasa Wireless Power Meter with ANT+ is designed for swimmers to provide many more metrics than can be obtained in the pool such as power, stroke rate, left/right power balance, pace, time, distance, laps, and intervals.

How it Works:

ANT+ devices display real-time performance data and may also store that data for later analysis. Some devices can also log drills or start timed intervals without constantly monitoring the clock.

Why are power metrics in swimming important?

Watch the video below featuring Coach Tim Crowley as he explains why measuring power on the Vasa Power Meter will improve your swim training, testing and coaching.


Click here to get the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions regarding ANT+.

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