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  1. Add [email protected] to your contacts so each lesson arrives in your Inbox (not your spam folder!);
  2. Take a few minutes to read Lesson #1, study the video, & practice what you learn;
  3. Be on the lookout for the Lesson #2  email in about 7 days.

Soon you will be Swimming Stronger, Better, and Faster!

This course will be presented in 5 lessons over the coming weeks. Each lesson will teach one of five essential freestyle technique focus points:

Lesson 1. Hand Placement: How to properly set up the stroke

Lesson 2. Fingertip Orientation: High Elbow Catch

Lesson 3. Wrist Awareness and “The Power of the Y”

Lesson 4. Umph at the Front: Where to apply the power

Lesson 5. Exiting the Stroke efficiently to reduce drag

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