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What 10 things should I do to prepare myself for my best performance on race day?


1. Do the training in the first place.

2. Know the details of the race.

3. Taper your training with five days to go so you are fresh.

4. Do workouts that go double or triple the race distance.

5. Keep your equipment well maintained and up-to-date.

6. Believe in yourself. You are at the helm.

7. Don’t go off to hard.

8. Look back at previous races, what’s your weakest habit?

9. Remember it is not life or death. It’s playtime.

10. Eat well the day before and don’t worry if you sleep lightly.

~Joe Beer

Joe Beer is one of the UK’s leading multi-sport coaches with a breath and depth of experience covering endurance training, sports nutrition and advanced sports technology. Joe is a five time Ironman including the legendary Hawaii Ironman World Championship. Thirty multi-sport seasons and counting, he continues to race multi-sport events and time trials.

Joe has worked with leading athletes, such as legendary champion cyclist Graeme Obree, the UK’s first Ironman winner Matt Belfield, Scottish Ironman record holder (8h 17mins) & Ironman Wales winner – Scott Neyedli and Outlaw iron-distance winner 2013 Vicky Gill. Joe works with elite triathletes to first time Ironman wannabes, leading time triallists to club riders. He has  written over 1,000 articles in magazines including 220 Triathlon, Cycling Plus, and Runners World. His first Triathlon book was published by Harper Collins in 2008.