Juvo Board & Vasa Trainer Paddler Workout

While the weather outside is frightful, this workout is quite delightful…and doesn’t take much time!
Follow along as PaddleFit instructor and Fitness Professional Jodelle Fitzwater takes you through a quick indoor paddler workout designed to get you “back in shape” for when the water beckons!

Video: Indoor Paddler Workout

The combination of a revolutionary new surface called the Juvo Board with its instability like that of the rocking action of a boat, along with the versatile Vasa Sup Erg with the rowing attachment makes the perfect marriage of feeling as though you are slicing through the open waterways.  The Vasa Sup Erg’s onboard computer allows you to specifically work on increasing your power output and stroke volume, producing a stronger, fitter, faster paddler over time.

The “Back In Shape” Workout

For this workout, you will also need a kettlebell or one heavy dumbbell.
Warm-up: To begin, start with a rowing warmup of about 5-10 minutes at a nice easy pace.
Main Set:  Dynamic energy section – 4 exercises, 1 minute each, doing 3-4 rounds.
  • Exercise 1:  Rowing
  • Exercise 2:  Kayak paddling
  • Exercise 3:  Bent-over dumbbell (or kettlebell) row
  • Exercise 4:  Back Pullover
  Cool down: Paddle at a nice easy pace.


  • Aim to add this workout to your existing protocol 1-2x per week.  Try it out for at least 4 weeks, increasing weight and paddle resistance as needed.
  • Don’t have a Juvoboard?  Simply lay a mat down on the floor or even bring a kayak in and set it down in front of the erg. Check out juvoboard.com to learn more.
  • To keep it beginner-friendly for those just starting out, simply attempt one time through and add one round each week, until you are up to 3-4 rounds.
Note the difference in your stroke power output the next time you hit the water, after trying this workout only a few times.  Your paddle strength will be “back” in action and better than ever!

Get Fit with Jodelle

To see more SUP Fitness tips and tricks from Jodelle, click HERE or Get Fit with Jodelle on Facebook and her blog.

Indoor paddle training guru Jodelle smiles outdoorsAbout Jodelle Fitzwater:  She is an American College of Sports Medicine certified Personal Trainer, Master Trainer for Juvo Board, a Certified Nutrition & Psychology Coach, and an eRYT-200 Yoga Instructor with the Yoga Alliance.   She also is a certified PaddleFit instructor and Fitness Professional for SUP TV.   Jodelle is a self-proclaimed mermaid, with  “no fear of depth, but a great fear of shallow living”.   She has developed her fitness, health, and SUP business called “Get Fit with Jodelle” and regularly blogs and writes for Standup Journal.

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