ANT+ Power Meter


The ANT+ ™ Wireless Power Meter provides precise, repeatable, real-time data on the LCD screen as well as enables the transmission of data wirelessly via ANT+ technology.

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The new Vasa ANT+™ wireless Power Meter allows the wireless transmission of Vasa Erg training data to a variety of third-party power receiving devices and training software systems.  This greatly extends the features of the Power Meter to things like customized viewing of data fields, the use of customized workouts, data recording and logging, and detailed analysis.  It provides many more metrics that can not be obtained in the pool such as power, stroke rate, L/R Power Balance, time distance, laps, and intervals.

The Vasa ANT+ Power Meter may be used without any additional hardware or software for real-time data display and summary interval information.  However, for logging and analysis features, additional hardware and/or software is needed to receive data from the Vasa ANT+ Power Meter.

There are generally two approaches to fully utilize data logging & analysis with the ANT+ Power Meter:

1. RECEIVE WITH SOFTWARE (i.e. TrainerRoad or Wahoo Fitness)
– Use a computer or iOS device
– Provides real-time data display with a variety of screen viewing options
NOTE: See software providers for hardware requirements such as ANT+ USD2 stick, ANT+ Wahoo Fitness Key – which are not included with this purchase.

2. RECEIVE WITH ANT+ DEVICE using ANT+ Receiver (i.e. Multisport GPS watch or select cycling computers)
– ANT+ Device must have the capacity to receive bike power to be compatible

Once you have captured your workout in either the software or device, you can then export data to training software (i.e. Training Peaks or Garmin Connect) for analysis and review.

The Vasa ANT+ Power Meter is compatible with all Vasa Ergometers with a Power Meter.  NOTE: If you purchased an Erg without a Power Meter, contact Vasa for your upgrade options.


All Power Meters will include the new & improved metal mounting bracket system.  This updated design will provide improved visibility of the display, especially when used in low light conditions.

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