Instruction Manual – Swim Ergometer


The Vasa Swim Erg Instruction Manual includes:

  • assembly
  • maintenance instructions
  • training resources – technique, workouts, and exercises.

NOTE:  A printed manual is included with every Swim Ergometer.  If you prefer an electronic version, please download the PDF file below.


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If you prefer a PDF copy, click on the desired section(s) below:

Swim Erg Instruction Manual – Part 1-2

  • Part 1: Assembly
  • Part 2: Using the Swim Erg

Swim Erg Instruction Manual – Part 3-6

  • Part 3: Technique & Form
  • Part 4: Swim Training Tips & Workouts
  • Part 5: Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Part 6: Vasa Extras

The above manual reflects the current production Swim Erg.  If you are looking for an earlier model (Pre May 2012), please contact Customer Service.

The Kayak Erg Instruction Manual, is also as a download.

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