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The perfect accessory for leg squats, explosive plyometrics & jump training, core exercises and PT rehab.   Add a Leg Power Platform to the Vasa Trainer and create a complete lower body strength training station ideal for building leg power, explosive jump training, core fitness & physical therapy.  Swimmers who want to improve their starts & turns – this is a must have!

Plyometric leg & jump training on the Vasa Trainer is effective, safe and fun. It engages the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calf muscles, and core stabilizers, which tones and strengthens the legs while providing excellent anaerobic or cardio workouts.

Note: If you bought your Vasa Trainer between May 1999 thru November 2015, choose “Retro Kit”, which will include a new Rear Stanchion with built-in Platform Bracket to replace your older Rear Stanchion.

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The Vasa Trainer Leg Power Platform

Regular leg strength training with the Vasa Trainer Leg Power Platform builds explosive jumping power, improves vertical leap and develops lean lower body muscles with 2 primary “push” movements – the squat and the plyometric squat jump. Other exercise variations include single leg squats, lunges, calf raises, cardio pull, and butt blasters. It has a wide range of resistance options.  These include pushing your body weight up the inclined monorail at one of 15 slope settings, adding 4 sizes of rubber tubing cords, and  free weight plates added onto an optional bracket  if desired.  Athletes can also wear a weighted vest for an additional challenge.

Physical Therapists and conditioning coaches will find it great for closed chain or open chain exercises.  Progressions are measurable and safe.   It facilitates both concentric and eccentric loading of the muscles – allowing easy & safe acceleration /  deceleration.  

The Vasa Trainer is incredibly versatile and functional, offering great value and commercial grade quality at an affordable price.   Even if only used as a jump trainer exercise machine to improve vertical leaping ability, the Vasa Trainer is a bargain compared to other machines.

Proper use of the Vasa Trainer will make you more productive while transforming you into a stronger, more efficient athlete. It will keep you fit while training at home or at your club for 1, 2 or 3 workouts per week… You’ll get a lot done in less time, especially if you do 6 or 8 of the other total body exercises possible on the Vasa Trainer!  View 12 sample exercise here.

Features include:

  1. Stable, rugged roto molded thermoplastic platform with non-slip surface
  2. Durable powder coated steel frame
  3. Designed and built for heavy use by teams, clinics, and clubs
  4. Built in handles and light weight makes it simple to install or remove for storage
  5. Platform measures 26″ wide x 24″ long (66cm x  61cm) – perfect for plyometrics, strength, and physical therapy rehab exercises.


NOTE:  Instructions for choosing the correct Platform for your Vasa Trainer:

  • If you bought or are now buying your Vasa Trainer after December 1, 2015, choose the “Current Model”.  (Those Vasa Trainers are made with a built-in Platform Bracket)
  • If you bought your Vasa Trainer between May 1999 thru November 2015, choose “Retro Kit”, which will include a new Rear Stanchion with built-in Platform Bracket to replace your older Rear Stanchion.

For more details, refer to the image (above).  *If you have a Trainer built prior to May 1999, contact us to learn about your options.

IMPORTANT: The Leg Power Platform is NOT compatible with Vasa Ergometers.

Watch this video to review the various resistance options you have with the Leg Power Platform:

Shipping Information

The Leg Power Platform (current model) is shipped in 1 box with a combined weight of 20.5 lbs. (9.3 kg). Additional accessories may require additional boxes.

Shipping Box Dimensions and Weights:
Box: 28″ x 24″ x 4″ and 20.5 pounds (Metric: 71cm x 61cm x 10cm & 9.3kg)

The Leg Power Platform (retro model) is shipped in 2 boxes with a combined weight of 20.5 lbs. (9.3 kg). Additional accessories may require additional boxes.

Shipping Box Dimensions and Weights:
Box 1: 28″ x 24″ x 4″ and 20.5 pounds (Metric: 71cm x 61cm x 10cm & 9.3kg)
Box 2: 15″ x 13″ x 13″ and 7 pounds (Metric: 38cm x 33cm x 33cm & 3.18kg)

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  1. lylefitnessconsulting@gmail.com'


    The Vasa leg platform is an awesome training tool for swimmers, triathletes and anyone else who wants to have leg strength and explosive power! We use the platform with all of our athletes on a regular basis. The platform is great at simulating start and turn explosiveness and power! A great tool to add to the plyometric arsenal. Personally, I use the platform for squats multiple times a week. I like how it gives the body stability when doing one leg squats as well as complete range of motion even if the true one leg squat strength is not developed yet. I find that the platform teaches proper technique while protecting the back from injury. The platform is very easy to move on and off of the vasa. It is also very sturdy. Highly recommend this add-on to everyone that uses a Vasa Trainer.

  2. kmacdonald@glenbrook225.org'

    Keith MacDonald

    In the previous ten years, we have had 10 Illinois H.S. state champion performances, 53 All-American swims and one high school national record. One constant in our training has been the Vasa leg power platform. Both our boys and girls teams use the leg platform as part of our dryland conditioning throughout the season.

  3. karen@vasatrainer.com'

    Ben Caban

    I’ve had a bad sup surfing accident about a year ago. The fin of my board cut me right under the right calf. 34 stitches to close. 5 inside and 29 outside. Basically, it sidelined me for almost 10 months. Absolutely no leg activity for 4 months. Just hearing those words was enough to drive me nuts. I kept active by using your SUP Ergometer. Transferring the activity from SUP to canoe paddling. It did the job but I had to wait until the 4th month to start to walk without fear of tearing muscles on the inside of my calf. After a while, I was able to stand on my paddle board and actually paddle again. Being on the ocean, my leg still felt weak. Slowly I was able to work my leg back into shape. Although I was very hesitant about doing any squats or strenuous lifting.

    Then one day I got an email from Vasa showing the Vasa Trainer (which helps keep me in shape for surf season.) It showed a [Leg Power Platform] and a short video of how you could do leg exercises. That was exactly what I needed! The squats and one-legged push-offs helped me get to 80% of my leg strength. Especially since it isolates a specific area. For me, it was being able to directly work the calf muscle. Although I have a little ways left to go, using the Vasa Trainer has definitely helped my rehabilitation. Now with the extra bands, it will definitely get me to where I need to be.