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WSCA Coach

Vasa + WSCA = Stronger, Faster, Better Swimmers

Why Do Top Swim Coaches Use Vasa?

Improve swimmers’ technique by coaching on land

Increase swim-specific strength & power

Keep swimmers training if injured or when pools are not available

Challenging dryland workouts avoid “black line burnout”

Prehab & Rehab – prevent injuries & recover faster

Vasa Dryland Training Tools

Vasa Swim Ergometer


Premium training tool for increasing swim-specific power & endurance while improving technique.

Vasa Swim Cord Kit

Swim Cords & Sport Bench

Affordable, portable swim cords and fold-up bench. Packed with benefits at a low cost.

Trainer Pro

“Secret weapon” of champion swimmers & coaches for 30+ years. Versatile, durable, & functional.

What Top Coaches Are Saying

“I am a strong proponent of the use of swim trainers, specifically the Vasa Trainer swim bench as a multidimensional tool for helping to develop swimmers. I have been using them to train swimmers for 21 years, and have seen two significant benefits: one in the specific strength of the swimmers’ pull, and the second in the understanding of proper swimming mechanics that comes from doing things the right way on the Vasa.”

— Coach Matt Kredich, Head Swim Coach, University of Tennessee

“I used the Vasa Swim Trainer at both pools for almost 20 years.  Strength training is critical for all swimmers and is only getting more so, as our population gets more sedentary, but general strength has only a tiny translation to swimming UNLESS it is combined with specific strength on land and in the water.  Vasa Swim Trainers are the best way to develop specific strength on dry land.

As an IM-based club team, we used one Vasa for freestyle and the other for individual-specific stroke training.  Vasa allowed us to mimic all 4 strokes (even breaststroke kick) and helped us build both proprioception and strength in our high school-aged athletes.  We hung a mirror in front of each bench, so that swimmers could watch their technique and get “small muscles before big muscles” and reinforce proper technique. Vasa was an integral component of our team’s strength training.”

— Coach George Block, President of WSCA

Orinda Aquatics has used the Vasa Trainer as a supplement to training for the over thirty years. It has been one of the most effective methods of merging fitness and conditioning with technique. It is a state-of-the-art device run by a first-class organization under the leadership of swimming pioneer Rob Sleamaker.

— Coach Don Heidary, Head Coach/Founder, Orinda Aquatics