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Triathlon Coaching

Consistent Swim Training pays Maximum Dividends.

Help your athletes swim Stronger, Better, with more Confidence.

The Vasa Swim Erg will:

  • Build Specific Endurance & Power
  • Save precious time
  • Improve technique while training
  • Measure Swim Power & track progress

The Vasa Swim Erg is ideal for building swim-specific power, stamina & better technique… conveniently on your own schedule. Its variable airflow resistance feels realistic to swimming. The precise Power Meter tracks R & L power balance, elapsed time, distance, pace, stroke rate and much more. It’s designed to help triathletes you coach stay with your plan to “get the job done” consistently well.

STARTING AT $1899.00

Most Triathletes need a stronger, more efficient and confident swim.

Here’s how you can help them achieve that…

Every triathlon coach knows that athletes need high quality, consistent and time-efficient swim training. They can get all that with the Vasa Swim Ergometer… at their home, club, or in your studio… and on their own terms, to supplement pool time. Like using a quality bike trainer or treadmill, focused workouts on a Vasa Swim Erg will improve swim-specific endurance, sustained power, fatigue resistance and freestyle technique. You’ll be amazed at how easily it translates to swimming better, more confidently in the water.

Proper use of the Vasa Swim Erg enables your athletes to be more productive while transforming them into stronger, more efficient swimmers. It’s convenient – no more hassles with crowded lanes, poor air quality, or inconvenient pool times. They will get a lot more quality work done in less time…and this is a great way for them to make the most of precious training time.

If you’re like most of our Triathlon coach customers, you’ll soon discover that combining your expert coaching with the Vasa Swim Erg training will quickly have your athletes swimming stronger, better, and with more confidence.

Regarded by coaches & swimmers world-wide as the ultimate swim training machines, the Vasa Trainer and Vasa Swim Ergometer are exactly the right tools needed to increase swim-specific strength and power. One of the keys to Vasa’s success has been the ability to produce a surprisingly smooth and realistic feel that closely simulates in-water training.

The framework of the Vasa Swim Erg provides a biomechanical advantage unlike any other swim training method. It sets up the proper stroke path and biofeedback loop that allows swimmers to make corrections while increasing fitness. The precision Power Meter provides key metrics like Left / Right power balance, stroke rate and other feedback required for successful swimming. Plus, our ANT+ Power Meter lets you record and analyze Erg swim workouts.

The Vasa Swim Ergometer is engineered to last a lifetime. Other than regular cleaning, they require very little maintenance—all of which can easily be performed using basic hand tools. We’re proud of our legendary Customer Service and Technical Support teams and we are always excited about assisting you with advice and solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Dave Scott


“For dryland swim training to perfect the stroke, increase strength, and build endurance, I recommend Vasa. Its unique design and smooth action provides exactly the right swim-specific training in less training time. I’ve tried all types of machines and devices, including others claiming to duplicate swimming. Nothing even comes close to the Vasa’s effectiveness and value. It is absolutely essential for all triathletes and swimmers who want to swim faster. It is the best swim bench available.”

Triathlon Training: How to Improve Your Freestyle Swim