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Want a Stronger,
More Confident Swim?

Vasa’s Swim Stronger Success Formula will get you there

Face your reality.
Set yourself up for success… and more fun!

Discover how World Champions & everyday athletes improve their freestyle

Consistent training on the Vasa SwimErg quickly builds swim-specific power & endurance while improving freestyle form efficiently. The air fan flywheel provides “swim feel” resistance. Track your progress with the precision ANT+ Power Meter including Right & Left arm power balance.

This indoor swim training tool does for swimming what bike trainers and treadmills do for your bicycling & running: “Get it done” with quality workouts that save time.

  • Build Specific Endurance & Power
  • Save precious time
  • Improve technique while training
  • Measure Swim Power & track progress
Dave Scott, world champion ironman triathlete

“Nothing even comes close to Vasa’s effectiveness and value. It is absolutely essential for all triathletes and swimmers who want to swim faster. It is the best swim bench available.”

— Dave Scott, Legendary 6-time Ironman World Champion
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Ian Kurth, Ironman triathlete

“I decided to try and leverage the time savings the Vasa SwimErg offers… Because there are metrics associated with a Vasa, I could see my power and pace improving. I knew and could feel I was stronger. I proved that in a few of my rare pool workouts, as well as in setting swim leg PR’s in several triathlons…”

— Ian Kurth, M.D., Age-Group Ironman Triathlete
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Lisbeth Kenyon celebrating her 2016 win at Kona

“Time is my ultimate quandary so I consider the Vasa Swim Erg a must have tool. In my experience it correlates well with water swimming so I substitute 2 of my 4 swims with the erg. It’s easier than water to focus on perfect form. The varying resistance settings coupled with ability to monitor power output, distance and stroke rate result in swim specific strength that translate directly to the pool even for yardage minimalists like me.”

— Lisbeth Kenyon, Multiple Ironman Age-Group Champion
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