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vasa swim fast formula

Discover how swimmers & top coaches worldwide use Vasa swim-specific dryland for best results!

Consistent quality, specific dryland training is essential for any swim program, and for several reasons. Vasa Trainers and SwimErgs have proven to be highly effective tools for improving technique, building strength and power, injury rehab, and for measuring progress. Start learning how to swim faster today!

Having Vasa training tools on hand will help you:

  • Gain swim-specific strength & power
  • Improve stroke technique
  • Create motivational dryland circuits and challenges
  • Maintain fitness when you cannot get to the pool
  • Build explosive leg strength for faster starts & turns
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The Vasa SwimErg is a must-have training tool for efficiently building swim power & stamina while improving technique. The SwimErg with Power Meter will maximize quality swim training in efficient, effective ways like no other swim bench.

Vasa Trainer woman perfecting swim technique

The Vasa Trainer is ideal for building swim-specific strength and durability you can use. It’s been the “secret weapon” of the world’s best swimmers & coaches for over 27 years. 

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“I am a strong proponent of the use of swim trainers, specifically the Vasa Trainer swim bench as a multidimensional tool for helping to develop swimmers. I have been using them to train swimmers for 21 years, and have seen two significant benefits: one in the specific strength of the swimmers’ pull, and the second in the understanding of proper swimming mechanics that comes from doing things the right way on the Vasa.”

— Coach Matt Kredich, Head Swim Coach, University of Tennessee

Watch video clinic with Coach Kredich on “Proper Swim Posture, Catch & Pull” 

Coach Eric Neilsen Headshot

“Being a coach and athlete, I am always looking for ways to maximize training time. The Vasa SwimErg does just that! You can play with applying different amounts of force, at different phases of your stroke to find what is optimal for you in generating max power. Then with continued refinement of your biomechanics, you can determine your maximum sustained power for a given distance or time.”

— Eric Neilsen, Master’s Coach (ASCA Level 4)
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“I really like to use the Vasa Trainer for working on my freestyle tempo with one arm at a time, as well as with both arms. I like to work on high elbows, which is very important to catch the pool… The Vasa Trainer gives you both flexibility and strength in your muscles. It is very close to what you are doing in the pool, it’s almost the same thing… It is very important to have flexibility in your muscles, to have long, lean muscles, especially for long course. Vasa really helps you develop that flexibility.”

— Lenny Krayzelburg, 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist, 3-Time World Record Holder

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