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Paddle Stronger, Surf Longer

How to stay in amazing paddling shape when you’re time-crunched or it’s flat.

vasa surf better formula

Long paddle out, catch wave, repeat. How many waves do you catch in a session?

Every surfer knows if you want to surf well when it’s good, you have to be a strong paddler with tremendous endurance.  While we’d all like to surf strong all day, very few actually do…

Once your paddling muscles are spent and you’re tired out, surfing technique suffers. Sooner or later, that’s when even the best surfers can experience a good ole thrashing… like wiping out, getting held down, maybe even bounced off the bottom or across a reef. Fatigue like that could seriously limit your fun.

The good news is many surfers have quietly discovered a better way to stay paddle fit and surf ready… with Vasa, the training secret of the world’s greatest swimmers. Vasa Trainers and SwimErgs are the best tools on the planet for gaining incredible paddling stamina & power. Regular Vasa workouts will keep landlocked surfers training to be stronger, better, faster.

  • Build lasting paddling strength & endurance
  • Maximize limited training time
  • Improve durability and prevent injury
  • Be ready when the surf is firing

The Vasa SwimErg is a must-have training tool for efficiently building swim power & stamina while improving technique. The SwimErg with Power Meter will maximize quality swim training in efficient, effective ways like no other swim bench.

The Vasa Trainer is ideal for building swim-specific strength and durability you can use. It’s been the “secret weapon” of the world’s best swimmers & coaches for over 27 years.

babyboomer surfing waves

“I surfed for the first time since I started training on the Vasa SwimErg: what a difference. Greater efficiency, less work in the water, more waves. Simply amazing!”

— Rick Rhodes, Surfer and Prone Paddleboarder

“The most revolutionary aspect of the Vasa SwimErg is its ability to simulate the demands of paddling a surfboard… Simply put: there isn’t a better product that addresses the sport-specific needs of swimmers and surfers so efficiently and effectively.”  

Tomas Anthony, Surfing Trainer, Everyday Athlete Studio

Tomas Anthony, surfing trainer