Train Today. Surf Stronger, Longer Tomorrow!


  • Get unstoppable Strength & Stamina
  • Increase Paddling Power
  • Develop Core Stability & Agility
  • Improve resistance to injury

The Vasa Trainer is ideal for building usable specific strength. It’s been the “secret weapon” of swimmers, triathletes & surfers for 25 + years. Total body functional exercises makes the Vasa Trainer one of the most versatile & convenient training tools available for surfers today.


  • Build Endurance & Power
  • Save precious time
  • High quality paddling training
  • Measure Power

The Vasa Swim Erg is ideal for building surf-specific paddling power, stamina & fatigue resistance. Its variable airflow resistance feels realistic to paddling in water. Plus it’s versatile – use the same machine for SUP, Kayak, & Swim training. It’s designed to help you “get the job done” well.

Vasa Surfing Workouts are Great!

This is how to keep in great paddling shape when you’re landlocked.

Want to be ready to surf longer, better and have more fun on every surfing vacation or outing?

No worries. A few quality Vasa training workouts will have you ready for your next surfing adventure. Whether it’s an early morning session at your local surf break or a well-earned surfing vacation, regular Vasa training will ensure stronger paddling and total body functional fitness. You’ll catch more of the waves you want and have more fun while you’re at it.

Serious athletes understand that training equipment should feel natural and accurately simulate their sport. Whether you’re focusing on paddling strength, endurance, or that all-important “six-pack”, Vasa’s surfing workouts will keep you fit…and ready.

Training with Vasa is convenient, enabling you to keep fit anytime, at home or at the club…regardless of weather, traffic, or being land-locked. You’ll be delighted with the smooth, realistic feel of the Vasa Swim Erg and the versatility of the Vasa Trainer, which provides a multitude of total body fitness options.

Note: The Vasa Swim Ergometer may be used for SUP, Kayak paddling and even for Trainer-type strength exercises simply by switching out accessories.

Surfing legend Sam George on why the Vasa Trainer is so useful to surfers

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Tomas Anthony

Surfing Trainer, Everyday Athlete Studio, Brooklyn, NY

“The most revolutionary aspect of the Vasa Ergometer is its ability to simulate the demands of paddling a surfboard and swimming. I use it myself and with all my clients to improve aerobic conditioning and more specifically as a part of our surfer and triathlete fitness programs to increase speed and power. Simply put: There isn’t a better product that addresses the sport-specific needs of swimmers and surfers so efficiently and effectively.”

How to get fit for surfing with Tomas Anthony