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Stand Up Paddling

Paddle Stronger, Better, Faster!

Gain outstanding paddling strength, power & durability:

Vasa SUP Ergometers

Designed to Maximize Paddling Fitness:

  • Gain “Built-in” paddling-specific strength & stamina
  • Increase sustained power
  • Develop core stability & agility
  • Quality training at home or the club
  • Improve technique and resistance to injury

Vasa SUP Ergs are ideal for building specific paddling power, stamina & fatigue resistance. The variable airflow resistance feels very similar to paddling in open water, downwind, current or headwind. Plus it’s versatile – use the same machine for SUP, Swimming, Surf paddling, Canoe or Dragon Boat training, and functional exercises. It’s truly one of the most versatile & convenient training tools available today and designed to provide years of reliable service.

Vasa SUPErg workouts are Great!

This is how to stay in top paddling shape when you’re landlocked.

Want to be paddle fit for better, stronger and longer SUP outings, adventures or vacations?

No worries.  A few quality workouts each week will have you ready for recreational paddling or competition. Whether it’s an early morning paddle at your favorite spot or a well-earned vacation, regular paddling fitness training with a Vasa SUPErg will maximize your time and build in stronger paddling and total body fitness. You’ll have the strength, stamina and confidence when you need it.

Serious athletes understand that training equipment should naturally simulate their sport movements and demands. Whether you’re focusing on paddling strength, endurance, or that all-important “six-pack”, Vasa’s SUP paddling workouts will keep you fit…and ready.

Training with Vasa is convenient and time efficient, enabling you to keep fit anytime, at home or at the club…regardless of weather, traffic, or being land-locked. You’ll be delighted with the smooth, realistic feel of the Vasa Ergs and the versatility it provides with a multitude of cross-training and total body fitness options.

We’re proud of our legendary Customer Service and Technical Support teams and we are always excited about assisting you with advice and solutions to help you achieve your goals.

SUP Stand Up Paddling Fitness workout revolution

Product Review

Standup Journal

“We’ve tested the SpaceSaver Erg over the last four months and have been surprised how often we turn to it, even living in Florida, where SUP is a year-round pastime. We’ve used it for 30-minute interval workouts, functional training, race preparation, swim workouts, and even for longer paddle sessions when Florida’s rain and notorious lightning have canceled scheduled outings on the water.”

SUP Connect

“Benefit #1: If SUP is truly your thing and you want to be the best you can at it, then it would “stand” to reason that having a product with the precise resistance that the water provides would be ideal for helping improve your stroke. This space-saving Erg does just that and more. You want to improve the strength and power of your strokes? As you paddle, the onboard Power Meter showcases your power output through your stroke, as well as your strokes per minute, and allows you to adjust the resistance as you pull your paddle through the imaginary Norwegian Fjords (at least that’s what I’m usually day-dreaming about when on mine). The Vasa SUP Erg is the most realistic feel when it comes to “catch, power, and recover” stroking through the water that I have ever felt indoors….” Read about the 3 other benefits here