Vasa Swim Cord Kit

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The Vasa Swim Cord kit is a very good budget option for swim-specific and general fitness exercises.  Its versatility provides enough function to get a total body workout anytime, anywhere – at home and while traveling, too.


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Product Description

With the portable, versatile Vasa Swim Cord kit, you’ll be able to do dozens of swim-specific and general fitness exercises. Choose isolated exercises to supplement your training or use it to do a total body workout.  Use it anytime, anywhere – at home and while traveling, too.

For swim-specific stroke training, connect the resistance cords to the Vasa Deluxe Paddles using the carabiners provided. For general exercises, use the plastic handles or connect them to the Smart Stick.

Add a Vasa Sport Bench for additional comfort, versatility, and effective training options.

Each Vasa Swim Cord Kit includes:

2 resistance cords with handles. Green cord is a light resistance (10 lbs) and Red cord is a medium resistance (15 lbs), 1 pair of Vasa Deluxe Paddles, 2 Vasa super-strong carabiners, 1 webbing anchor loop, 1 SmartStick weighted bar, 1 Vasa mesh bag for easy transport and instructions.

Recommended floor space using the Vasa Swim Cord kit:

If laying prone or supine on the Vasa Sport Bench while pulling on the Swim Cords, allow a working floor space of 7′ L × 4′ W (305cm x 122cm)

If standing and leaning over while pulling on the Swim Cords, ) we recommend a space of 7′ to 8’ L by 4’ W, to allow the full range of motion in every direction.

Weight: 6 lbs.

Shipping dimensions: 19″ x 9″ x 3″

PLEASE NOTE: As we are continually making improvements to Vasa products, actual items shipped may vary slightly from the images shown on our website.

SMART STICK exercises

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