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Vasa Swim Cord Kit and Sport Bench Bundle

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The Vasa Swim Cord Kit and Sport Bench Bundle is our most affordable dryland swim and paddle training option. It combines the Vasa Sport Bench, the Vasa Swim Cord Kit and the Vasa Deluxe Forearm Cuffs for a versatile multi-sport at-home training option.


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The Vasa Swim Cord Kit and Sport Bench Bundle is your “no excuses” swim trainer!

The affordable Vasa Swim Cord Kit and Sport Bench Bundle combines the Vasa Sport Bench with our Vasa Swim Cord kit and Vasa Forearm Cuffs to increase power, speed and stamina in exactly the right muscles needed to make performance gains and greater speed in the water.  If you want a SwimErg experience in an affordable, space-saving version, this is the combo for you. You can also use the Sport Bench with the Vasa SpaceSaver SwimErg!

Improve swim technique—fix common stroke flaws and transfer better technique to the water. Reinforce the “high elbow catch” (a.k.a. EVF – early vertical forearm) – a crucial technique characteristic needed for all strokes, and especially for freestyle.

Vasa swim-specific training will make you stronger and durable with truly functional strength.

Vasa Sport Bench

Functional Conditioning, Cross Training & Physical Therapy

The Vasa Sport Bench provides tremendous added versatility and value since it can also be used as a weight bench for functional sports conditioning, cross-training, and physical therapy rehabilitation.  We recommend using it with the Vasa SpaceSaver SwimErg (shown above) for maximum results.  It’s also effective to use it with Vasa’s Swim Cord kit, your owntubing or bands*, dumbbells, medicine balls, and bodyweight to perform a wide variety of functional exercises for sports, fitness, and rehabilitation.

Designed for Stability & Portability

The bench is slightly inclined, so the athlete will be in an ideal position for all swimming strokes.   The folding legs have a proprietary design that provides maximum stability during use. The legs fold up easily, making it lightweight and sleek for transport or storage.

Vasa Swim Cord Kit

With the portable, versatile Vasa Swim Cord kit, you’ll be able to do dozens of swim-specific and general fitness exercises. Choose isolated exercises to supplement your training or use it to do a total body workout.  Use it anytime, anywhere – at home and while traveling, too.

For swim-specific stroke training, connect the resistance cords to the Vasa Power Paddles using the carabiners provided. For general exercises, use the plastic handles or connect them to the Smart Stick.

Each Vasa Swim Cord Kit includes:

1 pair of Vasa Deluxe Paddles, 2 resistance cords with handles (1 light and 1 medium strength), 1 Smart Stick weighted bar accessory, 2 Vasa super-strong carabiners, 1 door/bar anchor loop, 1 mesh gear back and instructions.

Vasa Deluxe Forearm Cuffs

“Pulling” with the Vasa Deluxe Forearm cuffs allows the swimmer to focus on keeping “fingertips to elbow” as one straight “blade” in order to feel pressure on the forearm just above the wrists and to avoid the dreaded “dropped elbows” when pulling.  They force the swimmer to use the arms as levers to better engage the muscles of back, lats and core to gain more powerful propulsion in the water.

The Forearm Cuffs allow the swimmer to execute a deep catch and apply pressure on as much surface area as possible in the desired direction – creating the most effective way to generate forward momentum.  We are grateful to coach Matt Kredich of the University of Tennessee for bringing this idea to Vasa.

The combination Vasa Deluxe Forearm cuffs / wide Ankle straps feature a wide, comfortable padded construction that can be used on the forearms or ankles. Compatible with the Vasa Trainer and the Vasa SwimErg.



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1 review for Vasa Swim Cord Kit and Sport Bench Bundle


    Pat Ripley

    “The Vasa Sport Bench is a well-designed and versatile tool that will become the mainstay of any swim specific and strength program. The compact design allows the bench to easily be folded and stored away for saving space. It’s ideal to use with SpaceSaver SwimErg for swim-specific training. It is also an effective bench for strength training and rehab.” – Tim Crowley, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Montverde Academy, Florida

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