Single Arm Drill to improve swimming technique on swim bench
Trainer Strap System accessory


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Trainer Strap System accessory


Equip your Vasa SwimErg with these adjustable length webbing straps and use it like a Vasa Trainer!  Doing so increases the versatility and value of the SwimErg by providing a number of swim-specific drills, functional strength, & rehab exercises.

Note: The Forearm Cuffs used for swim-specific drills are sold separately.


The Trainer Strap System (TSS) allows the Vasa Swim Ergometer to be used like a Vasa Trainer for many key functional and swim-specific exercises.  This adds great value to the SwimErg, essentially “providing 2 machines in 1”.

Adding the commercial grade webbing straps to the Vasa SwimErg opens up a wide range of exercise possibilities.  They allow the SwimErg to be used like a Vasa Trainer for swim-specific strength drills, as well as for doing many functional total body strength & rehab exercises.

Crafted out of durable commercial strength materials (nylon straps, metal cam buckle & steel snap hooks).  The snap hooks clip to Vasa Swim Paddles, Exercise Handles, & Forearm Cuffs.


The TSS allows the user to “pull the body past the hands” for swim strokes – a key teaching point.  Performing important drills and strength exercises will improve biomechanics and shoulder/scapular functional range of motion.

Another key benefit is the ability to do functional exercises for swim-specific and general muscular strength gains.  View a sample of key exercises and a competitive swim-specific circuit you can perform using the Trainer Strap System.


There are multiple ways to use the strap system:

  • Teach swimmers how to maintain a high elbow catch;
  • Strengthen the “Catch and Pull” for all strokes;
  • Isometric exercises for isolating and strengthening various stroke segments;
  • Use with optional Forearm Cuffs for swim-specific drills;
  • Upper body plyometric pulls increase eccentric strength;
  • Connect hip roll with Freestyle pull;
  • Over 50 functional exercises for strength and “pre-hab”; and
  • Flexibility exercises to increase functional range of motion.

Adjusting the strap length is easy and precise.  Just press the metal cam buckle and pull the strap through to adjust it to the right length for each exercise.


  • (1) quick adjust straps (pair)
  • (1) web loop straps
  • (1) NEW Deluxe Power Cord Kit (three cords – 1 of each resistance level)
  • mounting hardware
  • instructions
  • exercise chart

Compatible with: SwimErgs with metal threaded screw inserts embedded into the top tube of the Erg front frame (made after November 2007+).

NOTE  We recommend adding a pair of Forearm Cuffs for swim-specific drills (sold separately).


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Single Arm Drill to improve swimming technique on swim bench
Trainer Strap System accessory