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Power Cords

Provide instant additional resistance for exercises. Available in a variety of resistance levels – sold as individual cords.

NOW AVAILABLE: New Deluxe Power Cord Kit with an improved design.
More details here>>>

The Power Cords will increase your resistance options on the Vasa Trainer.  They can also be used with a Swim Erg if you have the added Trainer Strap System accessory.

Power cords are available in different resistance levels:

  • Lite (7-23 lbs.)
  • Hard (12-38 lbs.)

Super-Lite (Green) and Medium (blue) cords are SOLD OUT.

NOW AVAILABLE: New Deluxe Power Cord Kit – improved design.  More details here>>>


Watch this video to see the Power Cords in use on a Vasa Trainer:


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