Pulley Cable System (PCS)


Rope and pulley system that will allow the user to perform sport-specific, functional exercises at lower resistance than webbing straps.



The Pulley Cable System (PCS) is great for freestyle swimming, surf paddling, plus hundreds of total body strength and rehabilitation exercises. It is excellent for teaching proper stroke technique, increasing flexibility and developing total body fitness. The PCS expands the resistance options at any incline setting of the monorail.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are purchasing a NEW Vasa Trainer, the PCS KIT is already included with your purchase.


PCS Kit: Current or Retro option
Includes: (1) Pulley Cable System, (1) Freestyle Extension Loop, (1 pair) Exercise Handles, and (1) Trainer Instruction Manual.

PCS Replacement: Current or Retro option
Includes: (1) Pulley Cable System, and (1) Freestyle Extension Loop.

The “Current” term refers to Trainers that have the round tube pull-up strap bar at the top.  The “Retro” term refers to all Trainers with a square tube strap bar at the top.