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Pulley Cable System (PCS)


Rope and pulley system that will allow the user to perform sport-specific, functional exercises at lower resistance than webbing straps.

Original price was: $119.00.Current price is: $101.00.
Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $84.00.

The Pulley Cable System (PCS) adds a wider resistance range for all Vasa Trainer exercises.  It is especially useful for doing stationary freestyle swim strokes, surf paddling, and hundreds of functional total body strength and rehabilitation exercises. It is also excellent for teaching proper stroke techniques.

Thanks to the mechanical advantage of pulleys, the resistance levels encountered will be half the resistance of using the adjustable-length webbing straps, regardless of the slope angle of the monorail and if you add any stretch cords or power cords.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are purchasing a NEW Vasa Trainer Pro, don’t add this item because the PCS is already included.


PCS Replacement – Current (for Vasa Trainers made in 1999 and after): 
Includes (1) Pulley Cable System and (1) Freestyle Extension Loop

PCS Replacement – Retro: 
Includes (1) Pulley Cable System with U-bolts & wrench for mounting on the strap bar and (1) Freestyle Extension Loop



“Current” refers to Trainers that were made with a round tube pull-up strap bar with eyebolts for connecting the PCS.

“Retro” refers to Vasa Trainers made with a square tube strap bar, which will require the PCS Retro be assembled to the bar using the U-bolts included with it.






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