Kayak Kit for Vasa Swim Ergometer


Add the Kayak Kit to the Vasa SwimErg to outfit it for kayak paddling.

This is the perfect add-on if you’re looking to add an amazing cross-training paddling workout to your own swim training – or – as a valuable training tool for your support team that is kayaking beside you in open water.

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Adding the Kayak Kit to the Vasa Swim Ergometer allows for a quick, easy transition between swim and kayak training; the switch takes only a couple minutes in either direction.The Kayak Kit includes: (1) Kayak Paddle Shaft, (1) Kayak Foot Brace, and (1) Kayak Power Meter Mount.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This kit is compatible with Swim Ergs purchased 2008+ that are equipped with an aluminum monorail.  If you are unsure which model you own, please refer to page 3 in the Vasa Model History guide.

Ships in 2 boxes:

Box 1: 15x13x13 inches (38x33x33 cm) – 13 lbs (5.4 kg)
Box 2: 30x3x3 inches (76x8x8 cm) – 2 lbs (.9 kg)