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Cost Calculator Infographic

 Will More of the Same Improve Your Swim?
Make this one change and we guarantee you’ll see better results…

save time and money with vasa swim bench do the math

There is a better way…and it can actually SAVE you time & money!

We encourage YOU to “do the math” and let us know … How much you would save this year training at home on your own SwimErg.

*Formulas used for the calculations in the graphic above are based on:

(40 minutes round trip commute time + 20 minutes prep & post workout + 30 minutes reduction in training time) x (2 times per week) x (50 weeks per year) divided by 60 minutes per hour
[(20-mile round trip commute) x (2 times per week) x (50 weeks per year) divided by 25 MPG] x $2.20 Cost Per Gallon
100 Sessions x $10 Day Rate
Based on current US averages for MPG and cost per gallon.